I’ll Be At O’Reilly’s European Open Source Convention in October

Word has come down the grapevine that I’ll be attending O’Reilly’s European Open Source Convention 2005 in Amsterdam this October. I’ve been asked along to showcase the DIY nature of Podcasting at the Maker Faire on the Wedensday evening – if you’ve never been to one before, think of a Villiage Fete organises by BA from the A-Team, with MacGyver supplying the tools.

ORA Euro Oscon 2005

So if you want to see behind the scenes on TPN Rock and The Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, then make sure to pop your head around and say hi. And a big thanks to Phil, Shawn and everyone else who’s made this possible. See you there!

Now can someone tell me if it’s EuroOsCon, Euro OsCon, Euro OSCon, or whatever? Every single O’Reilly Confernece seems to have multiple abbreviations and capitalisations and no-one ever seems to agree on which is the best one…

2 Responses to “I’ll Be At O’Reilly’s European Open Source Convention in October”

  1. It seems like I’ll be working for a customer in Amsterdam until the end of the year – I’ll try to arrange my schedule to be in Amsterdam around that time, maybe we can have a beer or two…

  2. Gina Blaber says:

    The spelling of the abbreviated conference name is EuroOSCON. We try to be consistent; really, we do. :-)

    Gina Blaber
    O’Reilly Conference Director