Google Announces Presentation – ‘But It’s Not An Office Killer Strategy’

News from the O’Reilly Web 2.0 Expo from Google, is that they’ve gotGoogle Presentation ready in the wings. It is going to sit alongside their Word Processor and Spreadsheet offerings as part of an ‘online’ suite of applications, that’s in the same space as Gmail and GCalendar. But we’ve not to draw the obvious comparison with Microsoft’s Office Suite, and in no way are Google trying to step on that space.

Yeah right.

Google Apps

There’s a reasonable percentage of people that do neeed to have the power and flexibility of Office on their laptops – and the march of Open Office will dilute the take up of one of Redmond’s main income earners. For the majority of casual computer users around the world, a lightweight word processor and calendar will be more than sufficient – the spreadsheet and presentation tools simply make it easier in their mind to make the switch from offline to online.

Personally I think that this isn’t the way forward for the individual. While I’m a big user of Gmail I’m much more wary about core apps residing online (and having all the files and docuemtns stored online as well). If you need a portable solution, then a muich better idea would be to pick up a 512mb-1gb USB memory stick and pop the PortableApps Suite onto the stick.

But in terms of the market, it’s a great move by Google. Totally expected, mind you, but a great mvoe nonetheless. Even a few percent of casula users switching to the Google Apps suite will create mindshare and allow it to grow.

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