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4 Responses to “Scottish Election: Liberal Mind Games in Edinburgh North and Leith”

  1. Derek Young on April 19th, 2007 17:42

    Well, if you think this is just the Lib Dems who argue this, tell that to Douglas Fraser at The Herald newspaper: (http://election.theherald.co.uk/nominations/regions/display.var.1322230.0.0.php). He says that:

    “The LibDems also want Mike Crockart to defeat Labour’s former minister Malcolm Chisholm in Edinburgh North and Leith … In the nearest equivalent Westminster seat in 2005, the LibDems did serious damage to the majority of Labour’s Mark Lazarowicz, with one of the opposition party’s strongest results in Scotland. Having established themselves as main challenger to Labour in the north of the city, they hope Labour will again be weakened by the Iraq war.”

    And on the SNP’s chances:

    “Even on a cracking good result, the SNP cannot expect to make much headway in the city, which is odd for a nationalist party in its national capital”.

  2. Ewan on April 19th, 2007 19:15


    Firstly, thanks for your comment.

    Let’s be fair though, the Lib Dems think this in every constituency, it’s used as a rallying cry wherever they go, and it seems becasue of this they find the best set of election results (local, UK, Scottish, European) to fit the statement. It would be in their best interest to make sure that The Herald quotes their candidate echoing these statements. The key phrase is ‘nearest equivalent Westminster seat’ which of course has a number of wards replaced for the Scottish polls.

    To add to this, today there has been three Lib-Dem leaflets passing through my door; a letter, an orange flyer, and an attempt to look like a newspaper. They all contain the same identiket phrases, pictures and ‘only we can win’ ideology. From having no information about the candidate, I’m now left with a triple-punch of information on him, and it’s had a negative impact on my views of the Lib Dems in this election.

  3. Davie Hutchison on April 19th, 2007 23:20

    How Do Ewan,

    I was interested to read your comments on the LibDems campaigning material here in ENL. From what I`ve seen of their leaflets and letters they seem to be from the LibDem identikit “it’s a two horse race”…”many people have been saying that”.

    My personal favourite though is a leaflet they are distributing that says that voting for me (as the SNP candidate) will make Tony Blair happy!

    That said I suspect I`m going to be one of the three most biased people against the LIbDems in ENL in this election (along with Iain Whyte and Maclom Chisholm).

    The Labour MP for ENL, Mark Lazarowicz has recently blogged on this very issue and makes a similar point to yourself.

  4. McGellie on April 27th, 2007 22:39

    I’m working up an appetite for Lib Dem misrepresentation. Over at ours, in Edinburgh Central, Siobhan Mathers Lib Dem pretender has lopped a big chunk off the Labour column in her little bar chart thus distorting the visual message it projects. How cheap is that! Two horse race - that’ll be Nicol Stephens and (insert your candidate’s name here)

    Love, McGellie x

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