Cameron Sums Up The Podcast Network’s Plans

With the little Blog -winds-light-to-variable over in the US over PodTech (start here), I’ve been having a few people ping me about my thoughts. Firstly though, a historical note from Hugh MacLeod

The Future of Blogging, Gpaing Void

And Cameron goes and beats me to it, and says it a lot better than I ever could.

I’m fascinated this morning watching the shit-fight between Arrington and Furrier/Scoble over Podtech. Having met all three of those guys over the last couple of years, I would have figured them to be pretty tight. It does sound, though, like Podtech have been burning through their $7 million in funding.

The business model for podcasting is still in the early days and I hope they make it through. People tend to forget that new business models tend to take 5 – 10 years to stabilize. The first banner ads were run in 1993, but it took nearly a decade before online advertising started to overtake radio advertising in most markets. I think the time frames will be compressed with podcasting, but it is still going to take a few more years before it’s well understood.

Most ad agencies and media buyers still aren’t even considering podcasting in their spread. That’s starting to change, but we’ve got a long road ahead of us yet. The TPN model is to keep our overheads low, grow the audience and the content as much as we can, and grow the business through revenue. It’s a slower path but, hopefully, more sustainable in the long run and you don’t get crunched by investors when the journey takes longer than they would like (which seems to be what is happening to Podtech).
Link: G’Day World.

And to point out two things that back this up, TPN’s Digital Photography Show is up for two Podcast Awards at the upcoming PME – Cultural/Arts (where we’re up against a Harry Potter show), and The People’s Choice (with the Keith and the Girl fanbase). Given that this is a straight popularity vote, and people can vote once every 24 hours, it seems to be more an exercise in motivating a large fan base than a genuine artistic judgement, but even to get to the nominations is great work for TPN’s Top Show.

The second thing is the upcming Edinburgh Fringe, and the third year of daily coverage from TPN’s Bafta nominated Edinburgh Fringe Show (see what I mean about nominations?). More on this later.

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