La Cabina - The Perfect Halloween Short

I brought this up in a comment yesterday (somewhere!) that one of the scariest movies from my youth was a short Spanish film called La Cabina (The Telephone Box). Well I’ve tracked it down on YouTube. It’s 35 minutes long, and if you want the creeps, then settle down and take this in. It’s SERIOUSLY [...]

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Apple’s AT&T Bounty: $432 Per iPhone? (Or $288?) - Silicon Alley Insider
Saw this while travelling - now take Apple’s little slice of the market and multiply it to Nokia’s.
(tags: nokia apple bounty iphone)

Hosue of Lords debate airline liquids ban | The Register
“What damage can be done by 105 millilitres of liquid that cannot be done [...]

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It Crowd DVD Fix – You’re not going to believe this, but…
there is a very easy fix should you have one of these DVDs with a compatability issue. Basically, and you’re not going to believe this, you go to the subtitles button on your remote and you turn them ON then OFF again.
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Sarah Jane Smith: a potted history - 3 October 2007
A quick guide to Sarah Jane Smith, and very nice it is too
(tags: dw sja sarahjanesmith guide)

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Loic Le Meur’s Seesmic day 8
You might spot a familiar face or two from the PNME
(tags: onme podcast podcastexpo 2007 ewan interview)

Simon Pegg signs for new ‘Star Trek’
You’ve got red ’short’ on you…
(tags: startrek st:tos reboot reimagine pegg simonpegg spaced shaunofthedead hotfuzz)

Hologram Tam’s banknote scam could have spooked the banks - Times Online
Graeme Pearson, the [...]

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Version 2 of the LeWeb3 2007 conference program
(tags: leweb leweb3 program draft schedule)

Pitpass, Senna, Clark, Mansell, Hamilton
This is how to put the boot in
(tags: senna hamilton f1 formula1 jimclark)

Death special: How does it feel to die?
None of us can know the answers for sure until our own time comes, but the few individuals who have [...]

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Nokia N95 or Apple iPhone?
The iPhone is for consuming content, while the N95 is for creating it.
(tags: nokia n95 apple iphone review comparison smartphone featurephone)

Top twelve great escapes obituary - Times Online
Wartime escape stories from obituaries in The Times archive
(tags: wwii worldwartwo ww2 pow coldit stalagluft oflag goon)

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The kids are all right with lousy TV | Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online
Fearne Cotton would have to be injured every five seconds and then at the end she’d have to explode. And they couldn’t fake it because that’s not allowed any more. She really would have to say: “That’s it for this week kids, [...]

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Cameron Reily of The Podcast Network, interviewed in Blogger and Podcaster
“But the flipside is we didn;t have as many VC’s on Sand Hill Road throwing obscene amounts of money at us. So we might be the only ones left six months from now, as well.”
(tags: tpn thepodcastnetwork podcast interview cameronreily bloggerandpodcaster b&p)

AAS Feature: A Closer [...]

…The Episode Where the Americans Give Ewan a Gun…

Title says it all really. I may be back home (finally) for a week or so, but while in LA, I was taken out to Burbank Shooting Range to try my hand at some handguns - little did the Americans know I already had some experience with things that go bang…

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