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Stephen King, Frank Darabont, Laurie Holden | Interviews | SCI FI Weekly
I mean, every night when I go to bed and nobody’s popped a rogue nuke somewhere in the world, I feel this sort of combination of “I don’t believe we escaped for another day,” and gratitude because we did escape for another day. Because [...]

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Catholic League vs Father Ted Crilly
The approach and treatment of Catholic beliefs,fundamentally belittles and mocks both. There is otherwise no redeeming social value whatsoever. I… guarantee that the Catholic League would vigorously oppose the airing of this… on any American network.
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Seesmic, the TIN of Video Messaging

Many years ago, back in the dark days when I studied Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University I was a heavy user of the Usenet reading application TIN. This of course was in the fun days when all access was through 80×24 VT100 terminals. And I remember that TIN was a great improvement over RN and [...]

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Thankful I’m Not Bill O’Reilly
TIM O;Reily puts up one of the most human posts I;ve seen on a tech site about mistaken identity. BILL O’Reily readers are getting very upset - although I’d love to see the emails Tim hasn’t published here…
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Alternative Journalist’s Web Site Is Scrutinized for Writers’ Strike [...]

A Few Conferences Before Christmas (Nokia World and Le Web)

So next week I’m off again, with a three night trip over to Amsterdam to attend Nokia World, the Finnish companies chance to show off to a conference of delegates and press. I’ll be covering the event, as always, for All About Symbian. Expect a bumper bundle of podcasts and editorial, and I might even [...]

A Few Tweaks Around The Website

Been doing a bit of tweaking on the site (and still there’s an annoying WP/Hemmingway bug for IE users…) to help some reading and do some more links. The landing page at is no longer an automatic redirect, but gives the choice of my video show, the main blog, or the icon strip of [...]

Beats for Sony PSP Shows The Way Forward

While it ain’t no Guitar Hero, the newly opened online PSP Store ( is now working in Europe, and one of the games for sale is the brand new PSP title, Beats.

It’s a rythym game, and while the right hand hits the buttons in sequence, the left hand decides the postion. It’s the closest you [...]

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Airbus fears ‘weak-dollar death’
The dollar has hit new record lows against the euro this week, something which Airbus says favours its US rival Boeing. Earlier this month Airbus warned it may have to deepen its planned restructuring after steeper than expected third-quarter losses.
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This is why I was giggling away at the local supermarket today. Of all the news stories that could have been displayed under a beginners How To Do Computers magazine, they had to walk into this joke…

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The Future of Reading (A Play in Six Acts)
Amazon’s Kindle critiqued by the words of Amazon;s Jeff Bezeos
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