Launches New Technology Blog

And here it comes, in the last dying breath, the latest blog from the BBC Website team. Dot Life (The Technology Blog), from the keyboards of Darren Waters and Rory Cellan-Jones is going to be an interesting read. I wonder just how enmeshed into Web 2.0 and cutting edge the blog will be, while maintaining [...]

links for 2007-12-31

WWdN: In Exile: genesis of the daleks
Wil Wheaton discovers Doctor Who for the very first time. Aww…
(tags: doctorwho wilwheaton genesisofthedaleks)

Save Netscape! Petition
Petition to ask AOL to open source Netscape when they take it off life support
(tags: petition opensource netscape aol windmills quixotic)

links for 2007-12-30

Das iTeam - Die Jungs an der Maus | Video Folge 1 - Teil 1
Episode one of the German version of the IT Crowd. Shudder…
(tags: itcrowd roy moss german translation)

links for 2007-12-29

Warner agrees to use MP3 format
Now show me the small print… :-)
(tags: amazon mp3 drm music digital digitalrights)

Big Blue 0.1 | Theme Viewer
This looks nice - filed for when I get itchy to change my blog theme
(tags: wordpress theme blue)

Summing up 2007 in a Single Photo

Spotted this topic over on CC Chapman’s blog, and I’m going to riff on it here. While I could sit and go through all my pics of the year, there’s one shot that stands out for me in everything. It’s from the USA trip in September, taken somewhere over the midwest…

Click through to get the [...]

links for 2007-12-28

The Verdier Light Caravan
Chris Dunphy lusts after a modern dormobile - I agree!
(tags: vw camper van caravanette tab verdier)

ITPro: Features: LeWeb 3 - Web technologies for the coming year
More by myself from LeWeb, this time on the impact that Web 2.0 can have on business and enterprise
(tags: web2.0 enterprise business leweb3 leweb32007)

36 Startup Tips: From [...]

The Delightfully Subversive and Entertaining Enchanted

As the family and I strolled up to the local cinema to watch the latest Disney film, Enchanted, I cast my mind back to the numerous ‘Saturday Matinees’ my Dad would take me to every weekend afternoon. Looking back now, these were a mix of classic films, lots of action, and just the sort of [...]

links for 2007-12-26

Lawrence Miles’ Doctor Who Thing: The Christmas Doctor Who Thing
“Oh, all right. Since we’re on the subject… at 6:50 on Christmas Day, Film Four will be showing Time Bandits, which may literally be the worst piece of scheduling in television history…
(tags: doctorwho lawrencemiles voyageofthedamned)

Festive greetings ‘from Heaven’
A man from the US state of Oregon has [...]

TPN Rock’s Christmas Rock-Tacular

Time for round two of the festive multi-media fun, with the christmas special TPN Rock Show.

MP3 - Show Notes - Feed
or press play and listen in your browser.
I think it’s time for an extra-special Christmas Eve show, full of the great Podsafe Classic Christmas tunes, and a bundle of new ones I’ve found. Chat is [...]

A Mobile Night Before Christmas

The first of two ‘christmas media specials’ for Christmas Eve, this ran both on All About Symbian and over at Spence - The Video Show. It’s the to be expected adaption of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ but for the smartphone / mobile generation.

More video is always available on the video feed.

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