The Top TV Shows… via Bittorrent

Via Mininova, it’s the top TV shows, as measured by downloads.

1 Heroes (2.439.154)
2 Top Gear (1.217.923)
3 Battlestar Galactica (706.209)
4 Lost (705.724)
5 Prison Break (608.487)
6 Desperate Housewives (457.805)
7 24 (524.303)
8 Family Guy (522.839)
9 Dexter (435.670)
10 Scrubs (427.420)

What’s interesting isn’t the make-up of the shows – although having the UK motoring magazine show (ahem) Top Gear in at number two is , it’s the sheer number of people that are happy to watch their television from a computer screen, in some cases at a relatively low resolution when re-rendered onto devices like the video iPod and the Sony PSP. Let’s take the numbers for Top Gear, at roughly 1.2 million downloads.

The most recent 2007 series of Top Gear, in the UK pulled in 8 million terrestrial viewers. Plus another 15% of viewers, presumably a large proportion of them from outside the BBC’s transmission area. In the culture of the internet when we expect messages and conversations to wing their way across the globe in an instant, is it right that Australlia has to wait up to three years for the latest episode after it’s broadcast in the UK? I don’t think so either.

Let’s take that viewing figure of 1.2 million and make a rather basic assumption that 10% of those downloaders are truly honest and would be happy to pay something to the producers. Let’s say $20 for a ‘season’ of shows. Top Gear has suddenly earned $2.4 million. That’s a significant amount of cash. And while that’s not going to be comparable to the amount of ‘profit 1.0′ that these shows can make, it’s a massive flag on what consumers want from their media.

If one of the broadcasters can pick this up and actually deliver a product that works for both the consumer and the provider (and no, the iPlayer for a million reasons is not the answer) then they could take the lead in the new world. And I’m sure a lot of people, including me, would be happy as well.

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