Charge Your Glasses, And Lament Jaiku

Ars Technica puts into words what a lot of people suspected. The last person out of the Jaiku may have switched the lights out, but the server is still doing its best to provide a service.

Unfortunately, sine the acquisition of the service by Google on 10th September, the Jaiku quality of service has been dropping, and Ars reports on 504 errors, lagging of updates from external feeds, and unanswered support calls and forum posts. I think Jaiku needs to move into that special dead-pool reserved for Mountain View mercy killings

At the time some people asked ‘why Jaiku and not Twitter?.’ And i think the answer lies in the two head blokes at the respective organisations. Twitter’s Ev Williams had already been through the Googleples with Pyera and Blogger. Whatever the big G could absorb had been taken. Jyri Engestrom, on the other hand, an ex-Nokia employee, with an eye for mobile software, would be very attractive; especially as Google’s participation in the Open Handset Alliance was on the horizon. Two years to be vested of the Google stock in any Jaiku deal does put you rather much at their behest.

There’s nothing to stop Google working with Jaiku if it was truly part of their roadmap. Perhaps the clue is in the Google Blog post on the subject?

We wish a hearty Google welcome to Jaiku, and are looking forward to working together on new and innovative ways of keeping people connected.

That would be Jaiku, spelt A-n-d-r-o-i-d then?

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