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heathervescent: Kudos to remember
Anyway, I was showing David Allen my GTD book and calendar and he responded with glee in his eyes “You’re the biggest train wreck of left and right brains I’ve ever seen!” We all laughed and were having a good time.
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Coca-Cola is DOS Compatible

At least it is in Spain…

…I think.

[Traveling] Multimedia Meets Radio: Conference Report

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Supernova Earth » Blog Archive » In response to Obam-ania
And of course the criticism is fair. Only recently, Obama shifted from talking less like an inspirational speaker and more like a politician seeking nomination for the Presidency. Perhaps he finally got the message.
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[Travelling] Edinburgh, Gatwick and Barcelona

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On The Road Again…

…and so it begins. Left the house around 11am today to catch the first of many flights over the next month - as always you’ll be able to follow me online through the following channels…

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Fowl Eurovision entry for Ireland
Eurovision Song Contest feathers may be ruffled by Ireland’s decision to be represented in May’s cross-continental competition by a puppet bird.
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Cake and Death: Man dies in cake-eating contest
An inquest is to be held on a man who died during a contest to see who could eat the [...]

Doctor Who Theme As Recorded On Seesmic…

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N-Gage | Blog » Blog Archive » The N-Gage Unification Theory
Ewan Spence over at has published an interesting and well thought-out piece about N-Gage, Ovi, and new paradigms for gaming.
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From West Wing to the real thing
In the TV show, Santos begins as the rank outsider up against a national figure famous for standing at the side of a popular Democratic president. There are doubts about Santos’s inexperience, having served just a few years in Congress.
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