“We Can Be Heroes,” Sings Arrington

“No blog should take on VC money, because we are much stronger together than apart,” is the basic thrust of Michael Arrington’s excellent post on the money thats lapping up into the blogosphere, specifically in tech news reporting. Rather than $10 million here, $15 million there, he’s wondering if these deals are stopping a potential ‘Superstar’ team being put together that would eclipse the likes of C-Net. Puttting aside the organisational questions, the idea is a good one.

But it begs two questions; who would stop the Superstars when they turn evil (I’m assuming that we’ll get a Kirk-esque absolute power corrupts absolutely plot, lets just not have the TechCrunch team in gold velour uniform please); and the second is on a more practical point.

Why replicate one powerhouse with another powerhouse? Isn’t the delight of the internet that from each blogger according to his ability, to each reader according to his needs? Or is the vision of Techmeme as a benevolent Karl Marx more horrible than Arrington in charge of a starship?

4 Responses to ““We Can Be Heroes,” Sings Arrington”

  1. Gabe says:

    Thanks to this post, I can’t keep that Bowie song out of my head this morning!

  2. Ewan Spence says:

    Gabe, just as long as you NEVER do a Karaoke duet of the song and Qik stream it… ;-)

  3. Ever tried to put together a team of super egos? Doesn’t work. Doomed to failure. Mike’s just stirring the pot as he likes to do from time to time.

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