BBC iPlayer Reaches Virgin with 50% Content

I know that it’s a good thing that the BBC iPlayer is now offically part of the Virgin Media TV package, but I can’t help thinking (a) why this wasn’t done years ago by a decent BBC Management Team, and (b) I still don’t trust it. Not in the Orwellian sense of trust, more in [...]

Is Muxtape a Sting Operation Against the RIAA?

‘When you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.’ Two stories, partly connected were in my feed reader (Bloglines if you must know) and the connections have got me thinking.
The first was the rather inevitable legal move by the RIAA on Project Playlist. That site is where users can upload playlists of their songs to [...]

Top Five Mobile Video Publishing Tools

I’ve posted a look at some of the sites that allow video to be posted from your mobile to the web over on All About Symbian. Here’s a quick taster of what I cover in the article. From the streaming side of things there is…
Qik (
“Look for Qik to continue to iron out bugs and [...]

Flickr Video - Mobile Upload Test

Been looking at a number of video services online for some articles in the last few days, and one of those has been the new video service that Flickr offers. I can see why the 90 second videos would be regarded as long pictures, and while I’m still a touch unsure on how much of [...]

Are Spoiler Tags Needed for Twitter?

NB This post is spoiler free.
Inside twitter, we already have (@) for replies and (#) or topics, do we need ($) for TV spoilers?
I ask this question after a weekend where the second I breathed that I was watching either Doctor Who (in the UK, thus I can watch live) or Battlestar Galactica (at some [...]

Humphrey Lyttelton, RIP

23rd May 1921 - 25 April 2008

A Party Political Broadcast On Behalf of The Toddler Party

Something gorgeous and cute for the weekend, courtesy of Graham Lineham

TPN Rock Delayed This Week

Quick note for you live show aficionados, due to some server work over at The Podcast Network (we’re moving the servers from one shed to another) there are no shows or blogs being updated this weekend. All being well, there’ll be a TPN Rock Session read for you early next week when I get the [...]

Top Ten Things To Watch For on Sky’s Blake’s 7 Revivial

Hmm, Blake’s 7 is coming back to Sky, is it? Right then, time for a Top Ten things I’m going to be watching out for in the new series…

1. Avon, strapped into some diabolical torture device, keeping him on the edge of death (yet in horrible pain) for the 25 years since the shoot-out where [...]

My Expectations Veer Into Obscurity

Today’s single bullet comes from the Urban Dictionary…
Mevio: The act of renaming a company / business thinking that the new name will make up for fact the business model was either flawed or poorly executed.
That Web 2.0 company just laid-off 25% of their staff and now they are going to Mevio their name in hopes [...]

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