Isn’t The Point To Not Be Your Own Story? (TechCrunch 50 and Demo)

Last night, as I was settling down to bed, news that the dates for the next Arrington/Calacanis Conference, TechCrunch{foo} (where {foo} is a variable number determined by the requirements of PR, it’s currently 50) came down the tubes. September 8-10. Oh that’s handy, I thought, because the Autumn CTIA is September 10-12, and BlogWorldExpo is September 19-21. Lots of little things are lining up for a trip. Dates placed in Filofax, didn’t think any more of it.

Oh yes, those are the same dates as the Fall Demo conference. That’s a mighty big coincidence. But you would be a fool and a communist (cf BillH) to think it was deliberately engineered. Those were the only dates available to Mike and Jason. You can be sure though when those dates were offered as the only suitable dates at the centre that Michael and Jason shared an evil smile and thought ‘lovely.’ After all, this is a conference that carriers the powerful TechCrunch brand name, and has Calacanis on stage as the MC for a significant amount of time in front of a very influential crowd – the sort of recognition it seems money can buy you.

Oh and at least everyone on the web today knows when TechCrunch50 is. That’s handy.

I think the only unfortunate people here are the start-ups. If these two beasts had been a little further apart, then there’s more scope for start-ups to choose a conference that fits in their existing launch timeline. As it is many of them will either rush or delay to make the start of September tape. And they’ll have to decide to join the Sharks or the Jets, in the process making a judgement call on Web 2.0 politics about which will better server them in the short, medium and long term. A tough choice, and one which I think is finely balanced.

WIWMG sums this one I think… Where is Walt Mossberg Going?

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  1. Kosso says:

    exactly. this seems to be more about Mike/Jason than the start-ups themselves.