Twitter’s Twhirl Is the Perfect Life/Organsier Timer

One of the revelations from SXSW for me was the Twhirl client for Twitter – turning Twitter into something approaching the friendliness and chat of IRC with the paradigm of Instant Messaging. It’s certainly pulled me a little bit more into the Twitter-sphere than previously. Whether this is a good or bad thing, I’m not quite sure yet.

But what I wanted to bring up wasn’t the recent purchase of Twhirl by Seesmic,although after March and [redacted] it wasn’t a complete surprise (and for the record the users of Twhirl are probably as valuable to Seesmic as the code-base of the Adobe AIR based client), but the usefulness of Twhirl in a GTD Getting Things Done perspective.

I’ve set up Twihrl to poll for new tweets every five minutes – which is roughly the time it takes me to do something, be it check the bank statements, right a paragraph of text, do a bundle of screenshots, make a phone call, etc. Twhirl does a aural alert for incoming messages, a quick scan of the new tweets, and it’s back into the next little hurdle. Not only does it break the day up into tiny chunks that are much more easily manageable (and therefor making your day easier to plan), Twitter becomes the distributed digital equivalent of a water cooler and gossip in an office – and us stay at home Web 2.0 peeps miss that unofficial back-channel sometimes.

Twhirl Screen Caps

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