Flickring at 25fps – Video Crashes the Still Party

Techcrunch is reporting (and demoing) Flickr Video. Short summary; Pro users have the ability to upload a video into their account, as long as they are under 90 seconds and 150 mb.

I’ve not played around with it yet, but I’m skeptical that the Flickr community actually want this. I have to assume the Flickr team has thought (and fought?) long and hard over this one. The explosion of mobile video in the last six months (Seesmic, Qik, Bambuser, etc) must have focused them on the task at hand, but if they have been plannig this for a while (as the scuttle says) then they’ve lost first mover advantage and the chance to set the agenda. It’s no longer about sharing, it’s about the conversation (tm some French entrepeneur).

I think that here it is interesting is Flickr is going to be mixing still and moving images in the stream of media on people’s pages. I’m not so sure on that, I’d love to have a button to filter out one or the other. I don’t want to have to sit through video when I’m scanning for pictures. I don’t want to be surprised when the puppet starts talking to me. I want a site I can rely on, and this mix of media in a still image designed environment isn’t stability in my book.

Remember the golden rule of the 80′s… Don’t cross the streams!

Ghostbusting Flickr

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