Not Too Simple A Task, Please, Google

If Google are to launch a To-Do list (as reported via an eager TechCrunch reader) then I really do hope they make it as simple as possible… but with one caveat. Have some sort of folder/labels arrangement in the same way as Gmail.

The reason for this is because to make a good To-Do list application for the real world, there needs to be a touch of filtering applied. One of the greates To-Do list applications, in my mind, was that on Palm III PDA machines. There was very little screen clutter (you had 160×160 pixels and that was it), you got a tickbox, a priority drop down (1 to 5), and a line of text. You could add a note to the text if you wanted, but this was on another screen.

But the most useful thing to have was the category list. You could view all your tasks, or just tap the top right corenr to get the filter list, and view just your ‘Work’ or ‘Blog’ to-do’s. Perfect.

I’m pointing this out because in the screenshot captured by TechCrunch, I don’t see any labelling or filtering. Simple is good, but if it’s noddy-simple then it’s useless. Stripping out a category field renders a To-Do application pointless in my book. And I’m looking specifically at the lame-duck of Nokai’s To-Do list in all their S60 smart-phones – it may sync to Outlook, but does it remember the categories to help filter out on the admittedly larger screen (albeit with a larger font and ergo much less information on display)? No it doesn’t.

I may have moved on to a better GTD system, but I still remember the days electronic To-Do lists got me through the day. It would be nice to know that the applications would be there if I ever went back to them…

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