Microsoft Vista Rocking Video and Spitting Image’s RS232 Interface Lead

A number of sites picked it up, and probably called it correctly as Epic Fail (for example Matthew Ingram’s “Suuuuure it is, whatever makes you guys feel better. I suppose all of these incredible lame videos were in jokes too, right?”). You see, things are funny when the viewer knows they are meant to be funny. There are lots of funny songs about computers and technology – if this had been published by DogHorse, and pushed by B3ta, we’d all be happy with it.

After all, Spitting Image managed to rack up a love song to the RS-232 Interface Cable..

As C-Net labours the point, it’s only cringe worthy if (a) Microsoft hadn’t been intentionally cringeworthy in making it and (b) we knew they were [trying to] be ironic. And there lies the rub. The perception of the company that everyone has is that this could have been a real video. Which at least gives the marketing team something to think about. How do you capture that and turn it around (short of, I don’t know, hiring a Robert Scoble puppet)?

One Response to “Microsoft Vista Rocking Video and Spitting Image’s RS232 Interface Lead”

  1. mathew benarke says:

    huh? with all due respect, matthew ingram is acting like a humourless stalinist in connection with that story. anyone who has seen previous MS videos will recognize that it’s a spoof. but whatever.