Are Spoiler Tags Needed for Twitter?

NB This post is spoiler free.

Inside twitter, we already have (@) for replies and (#) or topics, do we need ($) for TV spoilers?

I ask this question after a weekend where the second I breathed that I was watching either Doctor Who (in the UK, thus I can watch live) or Battlestar Galactica (at some point let me sit you down to talk about how Rapidshare is far far faster than BitTorrent…). Instantly the twitter’s came back. “Don’t say anything,” “Shut up please,” “La la la, I’m not listening” and so on.

Firstly, and this is important on a personal note, I tend to ensure my posts and tweets are spoiler free. Being in the UK I had to run the gauntlet of Babylon 5 and staying Spoiler Free waiting for a terrestrial broadcast – although the fun of having the lat ep of season 1 and the last four eps of season 2 ahead of the US (for the first time in a major US drama?) really really upset the Usenet groups. Spoiler space FROM the Brits????

But I’m thinking that responsible Twitter clients (and I’m looking at Twhirl and Alert Thingy here) should be looking to help out those that want protected. We already have the hash tag to assoicate a twitter post with a subject (eg “#sxsw Oh my god have you seen the keynote?“), and the adoption of @EwanSpence (and similar) into the regular Twitter syntax is well known.

I propose that a) we adopt the convention of $ to tag any posts about ongoing TV series which may contain spoilers.

The Twitter clients out there would be free to implement a system to respect these, either screening them out, or replacing them with a “Click Here To Reveal Spoiler for $” And then I can merrily chat away about whatever wonderful things are happening on my happy go luck, not a care in teh world, sci-fi dramas

2 Responses to “Are Spoiler Tags Needed for Twitter?”

  1. Excellent idea.

    You got my vote.

  2. okelay says:

    brilliant idea!!
    I’ll certainly be using it now