Taking All About Symbian into Top Gear

One of the most well received projects in the demo area of the S60 Summit at Barcelona this week was Shaker Racer - a radio controlled truck using not the regular RC sticks, but the accelerometers in a Blue-tooth-connected S60 handset. I had to find out more, in a special video report for All About [...]

Barcelona For A Few Days

Heading over to Barcelona for the Nokia S60 Summit this morning, mostly to be reported over on All About Symbian and All About N-Gage. It’s also a good chance to crack up the MaxRoam SIM card so I don’t get stung calling home! While my usual number will still be working, you can call the [...]

The Myth of ‘Political’ Voting at Eurovision

Pretty much ever European blog commenting on the Eurovision Song Contest this morning is bringing up the political voting (you know, where Greece and Cyprus exchange 12 points if they can, the Scandinavian countries vote for each other, and so on). Lets get this right. The voting in each country is now a 15 minute [...]

Eurovision Pick 3 2008: The Results of the Twitterverse Competition

Not only is the result of Eurovision 2008 in (1st, Russia; 2nd, Ukraine; 3rd Greece), but the results of the Twitter ‘Pick Three’ Eurovision is in as well. The twitterverse each chose three songs, and their scores are added up to give your score. Just for fun you understand… the results (of those I saw [...]

Eurovision 2008 Live Blog

Live blogging the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, from Belgrade, Serbia (all times UTC+1)
2315 It’s all over. Top three were Russia, Ukraine and Greece. More commentary tomorrow, now it’s time for bed
2209 I’ll post the twitter commentary here shortly, for now, top three for me were Russia, Ukraine, and Sweden.

Here We Eurovision Go! Go! Go!!!!

It’s time!!!
We’re using #eurovision on Twitter, come and join us and let the commentary fly!
And after the twenty five songs, submit your top three tracks. When it’s all over add up those three scores and let’s see who we crown as the Queen of Eurovision 2008 online!!!

Grab Your Eurovision Score Sheets Here!

Only an hour to go - part of me so wishes I was in Belgrade in the stadium ight now… maybe next year, eh. Anyway, till then, if you haven;t got one sorted out yet, the Eurovision Official Site has a single page PDF score sheet for you to print out and use throughout the [...]

Warming up for Eurovision? Try the TPN Eurovision-Rock-Tacular!

Two hours to go, so while you’re settling in for a night of guilt pleasure of Eurovision, you might want to take 30 minutes out of your evening to prime up the engines with the annual TPN Rock Eurovision-Rock-Tacular! My tribute to the music of Eurovision with entries this year from around the continent.

Show Notes [...]

Ewan’s Guide to The Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Tonight’s the night! While the semi-finals are both an acquired taste and require true dedication to watch (or perhaps wondering just what the frak Ewan is twittering about…) the final (tonight, Saturday 24th May) pulls in absolutely stonking viewing figures (last year topped eleven million in the UK). For all the media sniping, it is [...]

All About Symbian, The N-Gage and Techmeme

Yesterday’s big news on All About N-Gage / All About Symbian, and on a barrel load of other websites around the mobile space, made me pretty happy. It was one of those stories the whole team pitched in little bits to the main story, including myself. But the story - that Nokai’s N-Gage gaming system [...]

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