All About Symbian, The N-Gage and Techmeme

Yesterday’s big news on All About N-Gage / All About Symbian, and on a barrel load of other websites around the mobile space, made me pretty happy. It was one of those stories the whole team pitched in little bits to the main story, including myself. But the story – that Nokai’s N-Gage gaming system will not allow you to trasfer games to a new handset – was a good one, that needed to be told, and it’s nice to actually lead the news agenda from a website with some proper investigating, poking around, and generally pointing out what’s wrong and how it should be fixed.


And of course it’s also nice to see us grab a headline slot on Techmeme. And then get picked up by the BBC. I think this story is going to run for a bit. Going to make a nice case study on influence afterwards I think.

One Response to “All About Symbian, The N-Gage and Techmeme”

  1. So much for ranting on iTunes DRM, I guess ;)