Why The Current N-Gage Games Are Crap.

Simpla answer, because it’s going to take the programmers and developers a lot longer to get up to speed with the system. All the signs are that this summer’s Reset Generation (preview here) will be the first ‘true’ N-Gage game for the new gaming platform of S60 v3. Anyway, more indepth stuff on today’s editorial [...]

One Reason Why My Laptop Has Been Rubbish… Dust

Yes, after some terminal-ish spluttering this morning before a cloud of dust turned me into Wile. E. Coyote, I had to strip down the Compaq laptop (again) to find out what’s gone wrong with it. While I’m sure this isn’t the only cause of the recent crashes and blue screens (and of course Ubuntu is [...]

My Mashed Report [Via BBC News]

My personal experiences of Mashed, and the story of the Social Flight Simulator will be along shortly. I’ve been busy today covering the news of Nokia’s purchase of Symbian for All About Symbian, and my overall view of Mashed for the BBC News Technology section has also went live. Head over to BBC News to [...]

BBC Mashed: Video of the Social Flight Sim Presentation

It’s late, and after two very packed days at Mashed with the Social Flight Simulator, I’m ready to sleep. More in-depth stuff tomorrow, but for now, here’s a quickly edited video of the team’s presentation at Alexandra Palace.

[Mashed] Introducing The Social Flight Simulator

It’s time to let you all know what I (and others) have been spending the last week or two planning for our BBC Mashed hack. There have been a few hints out on the web already, but the biggest one was in Matthew Cashmore’s [Mashed organiser on BBC Backstage] interview on NetMag:
In fact a bunch [...]

[Mashed] Top Ten Tips To Survive the BBC Mashed Experience

So it’s that time of year again, when the great and the good gather to watch the pivotal episode of the Doctor Who season gather in Alexandra Palace for two days (and one night) of hacking, coding, building, geeking out, and other stuff - BBC Mashed. Yes I’m there again; no I’m not building a [...]

[Mashed] Would You Like To Volunteer For My Mashed Project?

As you may recall, I’m working on something for the BBC’s Mashed event this coming weekend. I’m delighted to report that the final few pieces are falling into place (in readiness for my nail-gun…). That means that the next part of the project - actually using the hack after it is built - comes into [...]

[Mashed] My Plans for BBC Mashed [!Hackday] Next Week

Next weekend is the BBC’s Mashed event, and I think there are a few tickets left, but in any case it’s going to see close to 500 hackers, developers, web 2.0 specialists and a fair proportion of the UK’s digital community in one place. Throw in a bundle of sessions, overnight hacking, and some planned [...]

42 Days… No… No… No…

Cross Posted From My Scottish Sketch Political Commentary Blog.
“While there has been a limited number of cases in Scotland which were investigated in terms of the Terrorism Act 2000, I am not aware of any case where an extension of the period beyond 28 days would have been required. “I therefore share the view of [...]

The 3G iPhone is not $199

Let’s get the maths straight here…
3G iphone, 8gb… $199
Data plan: $30/month (up from $10 a month)
Voice plan: $39/month
…and that’s every month…
($30 + $39) x 24 = $1656
Total iPhone 3G price: $1855
More at Mobile Messaging 2.0…

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