It’s Time For… The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (and Podcast) for 2008

Ah yes, August is almost here. And that means, for many in the Arts and Festival scene, their thoughts turn to Edinburgh, and the Fringe.
As do my thoughts, because for the fourth year running, I’ll be producing and acting as the main host on The Podcast Network’s Edinburgh Fringe Show. It will also continue [...]

The Latest Decades Show on TPN Rock

Show Notes - MP3 File - RSS Feed
Quick heads up for you all, as another TPN Rock show heads out into Pocast-La-La land. This is show #130 of the Friday shows (I think the full count of Rock Shows, with specials and sessions included, is over 250 now). This is where I look back at [...]

Last.FM and the True Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Winner

Time to revisit Eurovision 2008, for no reason whatsoever, and to snipe at this “isn’t the block vote horrible, isn’t meant to be a Song Contest?”
OKay then, let’s see what the better songs from this year were. And I shall use the highly scientifc method of searching for the songs on Last.FM and seeing the [...]

How To Go From Spark To Success

More from the Creative Choices blog, this time on structuring your thoughts from inital spark of an idea to a final product (or at least a post or essay!)
Tell people what you’re going to tell them.
Tell them.
Tell them what you’ve just told them.
If you want the in-depth stuff, head on over to Creative Choices.

Some Thoughts on Creative Commons

Over on the Creative Choices Blog, I’ve posted some thoughts on the use of the creative commons licence. It’s very much a primer article, nothing in depth or controversial, but your thoughts would be much appreciated on it…
Looking around the web, you’ll see a lot of sites branded as CC. Now this isn’t some insidious [...]

“About Time” For A New Wallpaper

Currently on my desktop is this gorgeous artwork from the upcoming Forgotten comic book… That is all.

Writing About Considering Everything

I’ve started to do some writing over on the Blogger Advocacy section of Creative Choices, a website set up to “[help] individuals takie control of their own career decisions [by making sure] they are well informed and supported in their desire to succeed. My first post is about browser and computing compatibility online:
In extreme [...]

The Social Flight Sim Video

Courtesy of the London Hacking scene’s filmic auteurs Cristiano Betta and Mel Seckington, it’s the construction and discussion around the Social Flight Simulator from last month’s Mashed event at Alexandra Palace.
Thank you very much Cristiano and Mel for the video (and everyone else involved).

Social Flight Sim from Cristiano Betta on Vimeo.

Now, how can we [...]

Legal Music Online? What If I Can’t Find It?

Dear BPI,
I’ve not recieved one of your lovely letters, but I would like to hear an answer to a point I have regarding music online. What if I can’t find a music track or album online?
I’m sure you’re familiar with artists who don’t appear electroncially, such as The Beatles, or do not wish to appear [...]

Watch Out Twitter Investors - Here Comes

My old Warrant Officer always used to say (in that low voice of menace) that you should never just state a problem, but state a problem followed promoptly by “here’s what I think we should do.” So if Twitter is Fail-Whaling, then we need another service. Lots of people have said it needs to be [...]