An Archive Isn’t Enough - Sometimes You Need A Map

Most people are aware of the need to back up their data in case their computer is lost or damaged, but there is something else to consider with all your creative work. It’s all well and good backing it up and putting it safely in storage, but you need to be able to get it [...]

Norton to succeed Wogan on Eurovision Destroys any UK Hopes

No on the count of “Execs have big plans for the show and want to make it more glitzy, with one eye on X Factor [UK ‘Talent’ Show).” I’ve said this before, we don’t win Eurovision because the UK mainstream media does not take it seriously. Having a talent contest, for amateurs, and then throwing [...]

The Royal Mile, The Edinburgh Fringe, and The Podcast

Just posted one of my favourite podcasts of the year… “Walking Down The Royal Mile” for the Edinburgh Fringe show over at The Podcast Network.

Show Notes - MP3 File - RSS Feed
The principle is a pretty simple one. Start at the top of the Royal Mile, where all the Fringe festivites and promotion are going [...]

How To Prepare For ‘Spontaneous’ Interviews

Mixing up the regular posts I do over at the Creative Choices Blog, and my coverage of the Edinburgh Fringe, I’ve been talking there this week about how I prepare for my interviews… the ones that sound rather scattershot and improvised, but still get to the point in the time needed…
Many years ago, while doing [...]

Wogan to Step Down From Eurovision

The hints have been there for a while, but with William Hill stopping taking bets on “Terry Wogan to not host Eurovision 2009,” I think it’s fair to say that it is time for Wogan to step down from Eurovision commentating duties. He once gave a piece of advice to someone starting to commentate for [...]

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast Doing Well in iTunes

The Fringe podcast is a lot of work (I’ll do a recap at the end of the month for you all, right now I’m jsut avoiding the obviousness of the work levels) but the reaction it gets, from private mails and recognition around edinburgh is lovely. And the world likes it too… with a Festival [...]

Jason Byrne on Being Creative

Over on the Creative Choices blog, I’ve posted a small snippet of last weekends long review with comedian Jason Byrne from the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast, specifically on how a comic renowned from improvisation goes about being creative.

Edinburgh Fringe Podcast #2, with Stephen K Amos and Guy Hollingworth

Second Edinburgh Frigne show went up today (saturday) but only now blogging here - was running out the door for the final press launch. Anyway, the big play button for Show #2 (2008) follows…

Download MP3 - Show Notes - RSS Feed

Who Pays The Creative Blogger?

The short answer is you pay yourself, you get your readers to pay, or you get a third party to pay you to do your work. But it’s a bit more detailed than that, and that details is something I go into at the Creative Choices blog.
Most ventures start from an initial idea that you [...]

Here Comes the Edinburgh Fringe Podcasts for 2008!

Fringe podcast has started again - I suspect many of them will be cross posted here, but in case you want to be niceley organised, this is the RSS feed for just the Fringe material.
The Edinburgh Fringe 2008 Show #1 (MP3 40.4 mb, 44 minutes 10 seconds)
DOWNLOAD the podcast by right clicking on this [...]