Eurovision Halloween Special

Halloween today, and to ‘celebrate’ most of the local primary school/nursery got dressed up and invited the parents into the school for the school breakfast mornings that happen reasonably regularly. So this morning was time for a last minute, super quick, costume. And being Halloween, it has to be something genuinely scary. Oh and not [...]

How To Get Ubuntu Netbook Remix on your Asus EEE PC

More fiddling on the Asus EEE 901, and more confirmation on why Linux really isn’t yet ready for the mainstream. You may recall that the EEE comes with either Windows XP (which needs little introduction) or a custom build of Xandros which I jokingly call “My First Fisher Price Computer.” The thing is, that Xandros, [...]

High School Musical to save UK at Eurovision?

Okay, call me crazy, but I’ve had a great idea… I think. It would mean sacrificing national pride to a mouse, but it would be worth it.
The announcement that Andrew Lloyd Webber will be composing the UK entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 gave some hope to the UK fans of the competiton (and [...]

The Symbian Smartphone Show Recap

Well I say recap, but I think the next two or three weeks over on All About Symbian will be taken up with a lot of writing from this week’s Smartphone Show at Earl’s Court. Anyway, while you’re waiting for that, the podcast from the event is now available…

Download MP3 - Podcast RSS - Show [...]

Twhirl Running on Asus EEE PC (Linux)

So the last few weeks I’ve been tinkering around with a new Asus ‘Netbook’ mini laptop; specifically the EEE 901 Linux version. I’ll have more in-depth thoughts on it shortly (but it’ll boil down to the thing is called a netbook, and if you waved a wand over a Psion Netbook to bring it up [...]

Didiom - Cool Music, Nice Little Idea, Can It Get Traction?

I get a fair few companies pointed out to me either in person, via SS, or sometimes over direct IM (If you’re looking to show me something my contact details are here). And when those projects are pointed out by close friends I tend to giv e them more than a casual glance. So when [...]

Step One To Blogging… Listen

One more thing from Blog World Expo, this time on IT-Pro, and what business and enterprise could learn from the conference attendees…
While blogs are still considered to be written by individuals from their own viewpoints, a number of companies have presence online in this space - and it’s proving to be a worthwhile investment.
That was [...]

Brothers in Kilts in Austin

Today’s ‘Mantra of the Day’ over on the SXSW Interactive website is…
Brothers in kilts.
Whoever could they mean?

(Thanks to Des Walsh for the heads up).

Best Buy To Use Mix, an Internal Twitter-like Service

Sometimes you really can’t see the forest from the trees, and it takes someone like Laura ‘Pistachio’ Fitton to point out the changes in the real world that make an actual difference, as opposed to driving extra traffic to a silicon valley start-up.
In summary, US company Best Buy is launching an internal Twitter like environment [...]

A Close Shave? Or A Cheaper One? Both in Fact!

Last week, the jungle drums were ringing out looking for scottish bloggers who needed a shave - turns out that King of Shaves were promoting their new Azor razor, alongside their existing gels, balms and shaving oils. All this blogger had to do was turn up to their great big bus at Kinnaird Park to [...]

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