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How To Get Ubuntu Netbook Remix on your Asus EEE PC

Posted on October 28, 2008
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More fiddling on the Asus EEE 901, and more confirmation on why Linux really isn’t yet ready for the mainstream. You may recall that the EEE comes with either Windows XP (which needs little introduction) or a custom build of Xandros which I jokingly call “My First Fisher Price Computer.” The thing is, that Xandros, even in Easy Mode, is pretty slick, and does most of what I need a machine to do (which nowadays means a decent Web Browser, word processor and possibly an IMAP email client).

So why go fiddling with new operating system installation? To be honest I’m not sure, but Ubunutu is the flavour of the moment, and their “Netbook Remix” tweaks to the UI for devices just like the Asus EEE work very well.

The problem is that it’s a pain to set up, and even then not everything works. Add on top of that most problems are solved by typing in magic incantations of 120 characters at a time, and there’s little space for new users to Linux to understand what’s going on. So it’s a hassle. Big time. And there’s no central place of info.

No surprise that the Windows XP variants are more popular.

Anyway, here’s my notes on my installation of Ubuntu Netbook Remix on the Asus EEE 901. Now, when I need my notes, I know where to find them. I hope they’re useful to you but I make no warranties or claims to accuracy.

It’s now about 95% working, and you’ll have to work round and fiddle with all the other bits, just like everyone else, but I hope you’ve got this far. Of course at any point you can reboot into the Xandros package, so you should never (I think) bork the EEE beyond repair - that’s one reason I like this method.

One big gotcha (as of 28th October) is that using Suspend or Hibernate will cause Ubuntu to freeze on a black screen when resuming - so no handy powering down just a bit while travelling. I think I can live with that till it gets fixed.

And to finish, a few screenshots…


2 Responses to “How To Get Ubuntu Netbook Remix on your Asus EEE PC”

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  2. Erica on November 15th, 2008 21:26

    Keep us posted as to how you like using Ubuntu NR.I am looking into getting a netbook as well and noticed that some of the ones at NewEgg.com are coming with the Ubuntu Netbook Remix OS already installed.

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