There’s Another PSP Show Podcast Ready!

Up to podcast #84 on The PSP Show, the short weekly (ish…) podcast that’s been sitting quietly for a few weeks. That just means I have a lot of news to get over as well as a review of the Media Manager software from Sony. Listen here, subscribe online, and leave comments at The Podcast […]

Let Me Help You Win A Vodafone Dell Netbook

I’ve been blogging a fair bit about the Asus EEE PC since it arrived, and this class of device is starting to get ever more popular, with various manufacturers looking at the space, which is intruiging as the prices seem to be very close to commoditisation levels even now. That means the value is in […]

The ‘Fun’ Of Switching Symbian Smartphones

One of the things that was easy back in the early days of Symbian OS (when it was on the Psion Series 5 machines) was movign data from one machine to another. It’s not as easy with the modern smartphone, as I found out moving from the N95 8GB to the newer N85.
It’s impossible (for […]

I’ll be ‘In Love’ at Le Web 2008

Yet again, this December I’ll be making the trip to Paris for Geraldine Le Meur’s Le Web conference (I’m convinced she just lets Loic think he’s involved and making the decisions…). The theme this year is ‘Love.’
I’ll be speaking on a panel entitled “Love in Motion: Why are Mobile Social Networks booming?” alongside Dr […]

Terry Wogan As Your Christmas Number One?

UK Chart sensation Aled Jones is to sing a duet with UK Eurovision Enfant Terrible Terry Wogan - ‘Britain’s best loved breakfast DJ on Radio 2′ (after, err, Aled Jones Sunday Breakfast Show) - of the Christmas classic “Little Drummer Boy.” Originally made famous by Bing Crosby and David Bowie in the 70’s, the reworked […]

Turkey Pays for Eurovision, UK Still On The Hunt For Talented Amateur

As well as the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, this weekend also saw the deadline for entries to the BBC’s “Your Country Needs You” talent show, which will choose the UK representative for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Moscow in 2009.
At the same time, it’s also come to light that Turkish […]

Installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix on the Asus EEE PC

My recent trip to Dublin (to speak at Mobile Monday Dublin) was a little watershed moment. I pretty much committed to the Asus EEE 901 completely. Unlike previous overnight trips (eg the Birmingham Social Coffee events), I had a fair amount of work that I was still going to be doing while away, including writing […]

The Political Fix for Russian and the UK In Eurovision Is On!

Remember all the noise made by certain parts of the UK media that the ESC 2008 result was a fix, that some countries voted for other countries for political reasons, arguably because they wanted to keep a significant ally (Russia) happy, so the oil and gas would continue to flow. Well, what goes around comes […]

It’s Junior Eurovision This Weekend!

Right then, it’s time for some fun this weekend… and the obscure fun that everyone the world over can join in with, for free. That’s right, it’s time for Eurovision! Actually that’s not strictly true. It’s now time for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

The format is pretty much what you expect from it’s more […]

Mobile Monday Dublin Notes

Back from Dublin and the Mobile Monday talks on Location Based Services and Social Networking. I was speaking last, on Wubud, and the team over on Voice. An Opinion has written up thoughts all three companies presenting. Here’s how Wubud came over…
Wubud was last up. Ewan seemed to have an impossible task: give a talk […]

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