Why Five Mintues With… is frustrating me.

Just spotted this over on the BBC News website, a series of 5 minute interview with various people, chaired by Matthew Stadlen. They’ve just posted one for Michael Portillo, and it’s left me feeling a little bit… cheated.
It’s clear that a lot of preparation has been done by Stadlen on his subjects, and I can’t […]

Thoughts on Graham Norton and the Eurovision Song Contest

Right, I’m not sure how I feel on this one… this one being Graham Norton confirmed as the new commentator for the BBC’s coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, replacing Terry Wogan.
This isn’t the first time the commentator has changed - before Wogan the mighty Dave Lee Travis was the voice from the contest to […]

The Asus EEE and Psion’s Influence

Two little things around my Asus EEE PC show why it’s obvious that I really like this machine. The first is the solitary sticker on the case of the machine – the Moo Stickers along the battery spine don’t count. It’s the metallic badge of the Psion Series 3mx, probably the finest British PDA ever […]