Cleanse The Musical Palette With This Week’s TPN Rock

I’ve been through a lot of music today (just check my Twitter feed!) but now it’s time for all you to get over that with some of the choice cuts from a bundle of unsigned bands from around the internet on this week’s full TPN Rock Show.
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The [...]

Liveblog: UK Eurovision, Your Country Needs You (ep 5)

It’s time for the grand final of the UK nationals to find out if Jade, Mark or The Twins will represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, on May 16th.
1955: Time to put the Eurovision Liveblog tools away – until May, until Moscow.
1954: I’m sure I’ll have a full blog post [...]

The Modern “Old Lady / Young Woman” Picture For The Press

A lot depends on your perspective, but do you see here new media on top of old media, old media showing it can lie on top of anything new, or something else?
Either way, a picture that maybe needs a bit more thought than normal from Mark Hunter.

A Big Weekend For All Eurovision Fans

But it’s not just the UK that’s doing Eurovision stuff this weekend, there are 43 countries that have to select a singer and song. Not everyone is choosing this weekend (although Finland’s final starts just as the UK’s reaches its conclusion) but there are always national finals for you to find through the delights of [...]

A Big Weekend For UK Eurovision Fans

For those of you who don’t follow Eurovision, the last month of Eurovision on Saturday nights on the BBC must have felt weird – to use ESC-philles it’s been like a little oasis before May, and the main contest in Moscow.
It’s all coming to a head this weekend, as the final show is tonight and [...]

The Times Highlights the Zero of the Super Bowl

In the caption of their look at the upcoming Super Bowl XLIII, The Times makes a very subtle point as the first of their 43 reasons to watch the Steelers take on the Cardinals…
Up to a billion people worldwide will be watching. Or maybe 100million. Quite a lot, anyway.

The other 42 reasons are here.

Open Source Should Be Used By Government, Say The Tories

While I’ve not delved too deeply into this one – and I doubt I could delve as much as Microsoft’s lawyers will, the proposal (from the Tory party) on IT projects run by the government makes some sensible sounding recommendations.
The first is the headline one, with the report saying that projects should make more use [...]

Hello Darkness My Old Friend, No Longer on Spotify

Now that Spotify has run into trouble with the music labels (suddenly?), everyone is going to be looking for the next new thing.
May I suggest you look at Stopify, the world of silence available for a small paypal donation. I think they’re in alpha, but the website design is… striking
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TPN Rock Again, with The Gentlemen

Time for the regular (cough) midweek look back in to the archives of TPN Rock and lift up a single catchy tune, a memorable riff, or whatever makes a fine piece of music these days. This week’s Rock Again features Boston based band The Gentlemen.
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Still Time For The Edinburgh Twestival

Just purchased my ticket for the Edinburgh Twestival, one of many events to be held on the same day in aid of Charity: Water. There are still tickets left for the meet-up in Scotland’s Capital (which starts at 7pm on the 12th February) as well as
And if you aren’t in Edinburgh, check the main [...]

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