Why Windows 7 Reminds Me of The Star Trek Movies

The joke has always been that Microsoft have been The Borg, but I’m wondering if they’re more like the Star Trek Movies. Specifically, the curse of the Star Trek movies where the odd numbered films are rubbish.

No, bear with me. Here’s the Trek movies and the generally accepted view of them

  • The Motion Picture: the first, so we didn’t know what to expect. A bit slow and bloated.
  • The Wrath of Khan: KKKkkkkhhhhhaaaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!! Probably the best film ever.
  • The Search For Spock: Acceptable sequel which misfired, but worked.
  • The Voyage Home: The funny one, but a great buddy movie and back to basics principle.
  • The Final Frontier: The one Shatner directed. Fail!
  • The Undiscovered Country: A return to form and the best film in ages. People continue to look back on fondly.
  • Generations: Started well, then everyone realised it was rubbish.

And now the consumer versions of Windows that most people will recognise.

  • Windows 3.0: The first one to work, a bit slow and rubbish.
  • Windows 3.1: This one worked well, took over the world, and saved the franchise.
  • Windows 95: Acceptable sequel which misfired but worked.
  • Windows 98: A great OS with a lot of back to basic principles.
  • Windows Me: Next!!!!
  • Windows XP: A return to form and the best OS in ages. People continue to look back on this fondly.
  • Vista: Started well, then everyone realised it was rubbish.

So, anyone want to lay a bet on Windows 7 being a formulaic affair but still pretty impressive… on the strength of Star Trek: First Contact?

17 Responses to “Why Windows 7 Reminds Me of The Star Trek Movies”

  1. Brillance. Love that thought process.

  2. So you’re saying we’re going to see the Borg Queen on Windows 7?


  3. gerrymoth says:

    “It’s borderline on the simulator, we need to do more tests.” — Scotty, Star Trek: The Motion Picture

  4. Ewan Spence says:

    @ Gerry, LOL… Let me reply with “Scotty, I need RAR speed in three minutes or we’re all dead.

  5. Will Kelly says:

    Oddly numbered and good?? Not possible surely!

    “She canae take no more, Captain” – what Vista regularly bleats at me.

  6. Ewan Spence says:

    Odldly numbered yes, but in an even numbered slot – go figure!

  7. So if Windows 7 is First Contact, does that mean there’ll be two more releases with rapidly diminishing critical and audience appreciation before the whole scheme is scrapped and they go back to first principles?

  8. Erm…
    NT 3 Shit
    NT 4 Ace
    NT 5 (Windows 2000) – Pretty good actually, got some bad press because enterprises didn’t bother to upgrade because there was no point and the server product was not mature.
    NT 5.1 (Windows XP) – A little tweak in the GUI and a bunch of bugs fixed but that’s about all that was different. By this time though the 2000 server product had gone through 4 service packs and got some market penetration.
    NT 6 (Vista) – Pretty good actually, got some bad press because enterprises didn’t bother to upgrade because there was no point and the server product was not mature. Idiots hated it because they were told to.
    NT 7 (Windows 7) – looks to be another XP so should really be released as NT 6.1. Still not a lot of Server 2008 out there so the enterprise won’t feel the benefit of upgrading desktops and so probably won’t. Home users will do whatever they are told to think by the media.

  9. Ewan Spence says:

    @Commonly sensible…

    “And now the consumer versions of Windows”

    Keep up at the back, there ;-)

  10. Jody says:

    I’m going to go forward with this…

    Windows 8 – Tries to live up to the success of Windows 7 by using the same project leader, but the feature set is much weaker

    Windows 9 – Trying to recover from Windows 8, an overly complicated and discontinuous affair when viewed with the previous history. This will signal the end for the current development team.

    Windows 10 – A totally new team spearhead this new version, early previews show similarities with previous versions but startling differences. The jury will be out until release.

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  12. Really enjoyed this post and discussed it on episode 84 of Dogear Nation. We’re excited about seeing this year’s release of the next Star Trek movie, and the release of Windows 7 too. Let’s see how they each do!

  13. Ewan Spence says:

    Thanks Michael (for everyone else the clip is 26 min 25 seconds)… anytiem you need a guest host, just give me a shout, details on my contact page.

  14. Guest says:

    I can’t add anything witty to this fantastic post or discussion. so i’m just going to post: LOL, fantastic and well done!

  15. MisterT says:

    Lets see, what Windows version has been missed:

    Windows 1
    Windows 2
    Windows 3.11
    Windows NT 3.1
    Windows NT 3.5
    Windows NT 4.0
    Windows 2000
    Windows Server 2003

    So after the versions has been considered, please try again ;)
    By the way, the Undiscovered Country was total rubbish (except the basic story line).

  16. Ewan Spence says:

    “Artistic Licence”


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