Friday Night is Rock Night

And for once, with no massive dental pain, or anything else in the way, the Friday Rock Show on TPN actually gets in safely under the midnight wire.

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The Friday Rock Show #138 New Rose Cover, by Zombie Met Girl ( [...]

Some Thoughts On The Nokia Netbook

Interesting to see the number of comments and discussion on my thoughts on Nokia producing a netbook sized device over on All About Symbian. Here’s one of my key points:
If Nokia are going down this route, I’d suggest doing what the majority of other manufacturers are doing and use Linux, probably with a custom theme [...]

How To Do SXSW Interactive On A Budget That’s A Close To Zero As Possible

There’s a lot of talk online at the moment about the big Austin conference, South by Southwest. Naturally with the online crowds I hang around at online, the Interactive part of SXSW has gained credibility over the last few years.
Let’s be honest, taking out 5 days for the conference, and a day or two extra [...]

The PSP Show and a Purple Confession

Right then, the latest PSP Show, where I look at the recent news and review a new title on an almost weekly basis, has been posted. #90 takes a look at the Need for Speed franchise and the latest title, Undercover. It’s a return to form after Pro Street but is it enough?

Show Notes – [...]

Hollow Horse Rock Again

More musical fun as I dive into the archives of all the tracks played on TPN Rock and choose out a few favourites. This week, it’s the turn of Hollow Horse for the Rock Again treatment.

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Hearts Are Not Breaking All Over The UK, It’s The Chain

As I just tweeted…
@MikeChannell YES the BBC really did need to confirm they were using The Chain! Otherwise I Would Have Predicted a Riot

While I might (might) have accepted after a few years the BBC using The Foo Fighters All My Life for any coverage of the return of Formula 1 to the Council Tax [...]

Today Is One Of Those Good Days

“How’s your day been?” is a popular question asked by many, of many, but I could confidently answer that today has been a good day. Not that I want to write too much about it, because the good things have been either with an established company, so it’s their story to write, not mine; something [...]

No Crazy Ally Pally Hacking in 2009 - BBC Mashed Will Be Missed

I’m in two minds about the announcement on the BBC Backstage Blog that there won’t be a Mashed event in 2009.
Part of me is upset – the Mashed event in 2008 (and the Yahoo/BBC Hackday the year before) was one of the highlights of the year for UK Developer circles – you put smart people [...]

The Sunday Times is Pre-Revenue, Let’s Twitter That

I think Kevin Marks nails the reply to The Sunday Times Twitter article rather nicely:
Launched in 1821, The Sunday Times is the inescapable, old tech product. It boasts 1.2m readers — teeny compared to the BBC World Services’s 183m — but its audience has slumped in the past year.
Right now, the Australia-based company that [...]

Insert Digg-baiting Apple Netbook Headline Here

Not every company will fill every obvious gap in their product line-up. And that’s for regular companies. Look at Apple and you’ll see an irregular company that won’t always fill in the gaps in the market.
Yet again the buzz around an Apple Netbook continues to ebb and flow. This must be an up-week. The Guardian [...]

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