The SXSW Social Breakfast Guests

Slowly catching up with the follow-ups from March, and Henriette nudged me about this video. I passed around a Flip camera at the SXSW Social Breakfast to find out who was there.
This is the result.

Today is Going to be ‘Leave a Comment Day’

One of things I decided to do a lot at this year’s SXSW conference was to introduce people. It’s been joked by some that I know everyone at these conferences. I don’t, but when I get stopped in the halls of the Austin Convention Centre every ten yards it’s kind of hard to not generate [...]

Some Of My Highlights from the Various March/USA Events

So the USA trip is over, and I’m getting back into the current time-zone; but there are a lot of great memories. Too many to mention them all, but here are a few highlights.
I’m not going to mention all th great people I met, as it’s going to take a good few days to go [...]

The Stig Plays The Chain

Doesn’t matter about the rest of the coverage, it could come from a shed in Brisbane with a batty old commentator and a marijuana fuelled ex-driver refusing to pick up the microphone; the British F1 fans will be resting easy after the first 65 seconds of the BBC coverage…

Pauline Gower and the Air Transport Auxiliary (Ada Lovelace Day)

In the back of my mind over the last few weeks has been Suw Charman-Anderson’s Ada Lovelace day – where over a thousand bloggers have pledged to write a post about women in technology. Deciding on who to write about is a tough call, and I know others have spent time doing their best to [...]

Some Critical Thoughts on South by Southwest

And so, it ends. The halls of the Austin Convention Centre gather dust, Twitter is full of people saying they are “home / on the way home / have caught the mythical SXSars virus/ planning next year / have scored an upgrade on their next flight to San Francisco” (although that last one might just [...]

A Quick BSG Daybreak Thought…

I think the only thing missing was the B-Ark and “what is six times nine…”
Image courtesy of Darth Mojo.

Congratulations to Mark and Family

Being stuck in the US, with a hectic schedule of meetings, schedules and little coverage, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with news of friends and family.
Congratulations to Mark and Gail Hunter, and the rest of the family, on the birth of Fergus Keir Hunter.

Robert Scoble is Magic: The Video

Thanks to Vero for recording this at the SXSW Social Breakfast at Magnolia’s Cafe.

The Little Gems of SXSW

At any conference, but especially at SXSW, it’s the surprise invites, the unexpected meetings and tiny moments you remember. This year is no different.
I’m in the Blogger Lounge yesterday (which makes an interesting comparison to the official press room, more on that after the event I think) and thinking I need to go back to [...]

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