Thinking About the BBC Ratings and Renewing TV Shows

As well as the regular TV ratings, the BBC also has something called the Audience Appreciation Index, which helps them gauge the reaction from viewers to a program. It’s an imprecise science, and that’s before you start trying to get solid numbers and methodology out of the BBC.
So when programs get renewed, is it ratings, [...]

Starting My Next Adventure - I’m Off To Moscow and The Eurovision Song Contest

This Tuesday, I left a rather cryptic message on Twitter:
I have in my hand a piece of paper from the Russian Consulate. Now very happy.

That piece of paper was my Russian Business Visa.

It joins a number of other ‘pieces of paper,’ including return tickets on British Midland from Edinburgh to Moscow; a reservation [...]

Don’t Miss The Fun Of The Aporkalypse

My “replies” column in Tweetdeck is lighting up today, after a single post I made earlier today.
"My favourite word today is ‘aporkalypse’…"

Which I’m sure will be on the front page of The Sun tomorrow with a far better pun. Brian is still hopping hamageddom catches on, but to be honest I don’t see it catching [...]

Quantel Effects, The Liberator and the Nokia E75

More video fun over on All About Symbian – you can tell that I’m starting to explore the effects package in the video suite. Still, I hope it doesn’t get in the way of the content. This time around, i wanted to talk about the poor PIM/PDA apps on the Nokia E75 Enterprise device, and [...]

Media140, The Real-time News Conference

I’m going to take a little bit more than 140 characters to let you all know about the upcoming Media140 conference in London, one of a handful of Twitter based conferences coming online in 2009.
Media140 is a short half-day conference on London’s South Bank, and will be focussing on the use of Twitter for news [...]

More Thoughts on the E75

Why is a mobile phone like a deck of playing cards? All will become clear in the second part of my video review of the Nokia E75, which went live via All About Symbian this morning.

Since starting these video diaries on the March USA trip, Steve Litchfield has been helping out with the workflow – [...]

Skipping the Edinburgh Girl Geek Dinner Next Month

Kate has asked if I’d mention the upcoming Girl Geek dinner to take place in Edinburgh. Following on from the first Scottish Dinner in Dundee, the Edinburgh Girl Geek Dinner will happen on May 14th, at Edinburgh University’s Informatics Forum in 10 Crichton Street.
More details and tickets can be found here.
I look forward to reading [...]

Iron Maiden on today’s TPN Rock

Now there’s a headline I’ve been looking to write for some time!
Just to recap, tomorrow (April 21st) is Iron Maiden Day, where the band’s new film Flight 666 will be screening on roughly 400 digital screens around the world. It’s the largest opening day for a music documentary ever, and in most screens it’s a [...]

Does it Matter if a Million People all Listen at Once…

Spotted all those “million” posts in the last week? Seems to be the season for shouting about mythical milestones. Relax though, because you don’t need to care about it.
In case you missed the news, someone on Twitter reached a total of one million people following them. How relevant Is the question “how many is he [...]

Time For This Weeks’s Friday Rock Show

So who’s on this week’s Friday Rock show over on TPN Rock?

Everyone Needs a Nemesis, by Fighting with Wire (Fighting With Wire on MySpace).
Paper Boat, by Kamaloca (Kamaloca on MySpace).
Laika, by Maria Daines (
Town, by The Crazy Majority (The Crazy Majority on MySpace).
Not That Kind of Guy, by Belchpop Frenzy (Belchpop Frenzy on MySpace).
1993, by [...]

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