The Tonight Show with Ewan Spence… Leith Tonight that is

Next week sees the start of the Leith Festival, which runs from Thursday 4th June to Sunday 14th June. As part of the local community effort, I will be returning to the airwaves on our local radio station Leith FM, to host a late evening chat show.
The team did try to think up some great [...]

Shatnerquake and Customer Service

Just before I left for Moscow, I spotted (via Boing Boing) the delightfully sounding book “Shatnerquake!”
It’s Shatner vs. Shatners!
William Shatner? William Shatner. WILLIAM SHATNER!!! It’s the first ShatnerCon with William Shatner as the guest of honor! But after a failed terrorist attack by Campbellians, a crazy terrorist cult that worships Bruce Campbell, all of the [...]

All About N-Gage becomes Ovi Gaming

One of the changes over this Memorial Weekend (isn’t it amazing how certain festivals have went international thanks to the internet?) is that All About N-Gage, the sister site of All About Symbian, is no more. It has ceased to be.
It’s now Ovi Gaming.
The news post with the changes can be found here, but in [...]

How To Get Tickets For the Eurovision Song Contest

A question I’ve asked by a few people over the last week or so is “how can I get to next year’s Eurovision Song Contest?” Some of them have been above board, some have come in quiet back channels where their love of Eurovision can’t be traced back to them (you know who you are!) [...]

Which Eurovision Commentary Tweet Was My “Dr Death and the Tooth Fairy” Moment?

For all his many years of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest on the BBC, Terry Wogan will be remembered for his introductory line in Denmark. As the hosts walked on stage, the national treasure uttered “Here comes Dr Death and the Tooth Fairy.”
While it would take a lot to even come close to that, [...]

One In Ten Tweets during Saturday Mentioned Eurovision (and some #media140 Thoughts)

Yesterday was the first #media140 conference in London, talking about the use of Twitter and over instant short form methods of communication in journalism. I had hoped to get down to it, but it was so close to getting back from the Eurovision Song Contest (Moscow) that I just kept half an eye on it.
Typical [...]

Review of the Nokia E75 as a Consumer Smartphone

It might be labelled as an Enterprise device, but Nokia’s E75 makes a pretty good consumer device, as I find out in my review over on All About Symbian.
[This is] also in line with the E75 as a whole. They’re above average when compared to pictures taken by similar phones, and you would be happy [...]

Report on the Eurovision 2009 Final

This went up on The Stage’s website this afternoon, my thoughts on the results of the Eurovision Song Contest:
Not only did Rybak win, but he won in style. Scoring a massive 387 points, he smashed through the previous highest points scored record of 298 points, which belonged to Finnish Rockers Lordi in the 2006 competition. [...]

Quote of the Day – Chamberlain, Cromwell and Martin

"Could I ask you, sir, to bear in mind that the condition of the house now is rather like the condition of the country at the time of the Norway debate, and could you reflect on that?"
Sir Patrick Cormack (C) after Speaker Martin’s statement to the House of Commons.

Even I drew a breath on this [...]

Download My Commentary Track for Tonight’s Eurovision Song Contest

More temporal reporting from the modern Internet as I present my commentary for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest final. It’s the Grand Final tonight, with 25 countries battling it out for the right to, well, host the contest next year.
As I’m still here, reporting on the Song Contest in Moscow, while watching the dress rehearsals [...]

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