The Scottish Summer… Foggy

Kevin called me yesterday, from the backing hot sun of France, and the heat-wave in the south of England. “What’s the weather like up there, mate?”
Still foggy.

But at least it’s a summer fog and there is sun on top of it. In the winter it’s just a rain cloud descending to sea level!

The Old Grey TPN Rock Whistle Test

I know it says rock in the title, but you all know that this is actually music I like that you all need to hear so sometimes the genres go out the window and I just play stuff that’s cool.
So welcome to TPN Cool #145!
I’ve previous mentioned some of the influences and heroes that drive [...]

Buzz Brainbender on the latest PSP Show

More bite sized chunks of info, news and reviews from The Podcast Network’s PSP Show, as I talk about two Buzz titles on the Playstation Portable: Buzz Brainbender and Buzz Brain of the UK.
MP3 File - Show Notes – RSS File

We Want Our Boxes (For Our Games, That Is)

Over on Ovi Gaming I’ve posted an editorial on the importance of game boxes and physical media for the collector and the console gaming ecosystems.
This may seem a strange issue to bring up, and even though there is a niche that regards game boxes as collectibles, there are many, many more that would be quite [...]

Stephen Fry, Vax and the All About Symbian Insight Podcast

Popping up every week (although I don’t always point it out here) is the All About Symbian podcast, where Rafe Blandford, Steve Litchfield and I chat about the latest happenings in the smartphone world – mostly Symbian but we talk about the wider reach as well.
Of course you can’t talk about modern phones without discussing [...]

Ed McMahon: The Master’s Master. RIP

Ed McMahon died today.

Both of them will be missed, but wherever they are it’s going to be a fantastic show tonight.

Nokia’s Comes with Music if you like mainstream, don’t mind DRM, can live with restrictions….

Nice big article over on All About Symbian looking at Nokia’s Comes with Music service, where you receive two years of as much Digital Restricted Music as you can download from the Nokia Music Store. Admittedly you need to have a taste for mainstream music, and there are some gotchas, as I found it:
Let’s start [...]

Charts Could Seal the Fate of UK’s 2010 Entry

I think that this week’s UK Charts pretty much answers the question of what happens to Jade Ewen post Eurovision. Around Europe, her Eurovision song “It’s My Time” charted at #75 (Germany), #34 (Sweden) and  #75 (Switzerland).
Becoming a success in Europe was one option after her appearance in the song Contest with the Lloyd Webber/Warren [...]