One Hundred Episodes of The PSP Show!

I’ve just finished uploading the 100th episode of The PSP Show. It’s only taken three years (at roughly one episode every eleven days) to get here, but the short look at the world of the Sony Playstation Portable, with the latest news and a current game review continues to gather fans around the world.
Here’s the [...]

About That Podcasting Patent – Prior Art Is Available from Kevin Marks

Lots of raised eyebrows on VoloMedia’s US Patent #7568,213 for “Method for Providing Episodic Media",” the so-called patent on podcasting.
From their post on the subject:
…it was filed in November 2003, almost a year before the start of podcasting.  This helps underscore the point, that for nearly six years, VoloMedia has been focused on helping publishers [...]

The Final Edinburgh Fringe Preview of 2009

…because it all kicks off next week! Press launches, preview shows, a million people with five billion flyers descending on Edinburgh, and in the middle of it all, one lone podcaster making a difference and capturing the heat of the moment and sending it out to the world.
(That would be me, by the way).

Security and Selling of Smartphone Applications

Two posts over on All About Symbian to start the week off, both with an eye on the smartphone application market.
The first is about the mixed messages that Nokia are putting on as regards application stores. the Sims 3 mobile game from EA is now available in the Ovi Store (for £4) and the N-Gage [...]

Fringe Podcast Featured in the latest issue of iProng Magazine

It’s just under a week* until the first press event for the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe – which is when my ‘interview radar’ switches from passive to active and I start to track down the new stars and shows for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast.
Throughout July I’ve been doing a bit more press and publicity [...]

How Should I Cover The Fringe With The New Web Tools?

With the Edinburgh Fringe fast approaching, I’m thinking about the best way to cover the Fringe with the newest web tools.
Naturally the core product is still the podcast – with a daily 30 minute show from August 7th through till August 31st available through this podcast / RSS feed (or via iTunes), along with the [...]

Nica Burns, the Eddies and the Edinburgh Fringe

Better known in times past as the Perriers, and the If.comedy Award, the Edinburgh Comedy Awards (likely to be labelled The Eddies from here on in by the press) is one of many awards at the Fringe, but is probably the one that gets the most mainstream media coverage.
Back in 2006 I spoke to Nica [...]

Tiger Woods Finally Sinks a Decent Game on the PSP

After a few goes, it was a delight to review the latest Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 game on the Sony PSP as this title actually works. Very little has actually been added since last year’s attempt, but the tweaks and changes in the code make it playable.
All this, and more in the latest news [...]

Hitler on the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

One of the delights of the Fringe (and the Fringe Podcast) is finding small acts that go on to greater success, and Paul Webster, who I spoke to in 2007 (and is today’s Best of the Fringe Podcast) wrote and performed his own one-man show, Hitler Alone. It returns to the Fringe for a third [...]

Beware the Mad Scotsman Attending Your Conference

The combined forces of Betavine, Lonely Planet and OMTP have come together for another Over the Air event, a very traditional sounding 24 hour hack-a-thon in London with a focus on mobile development.
@torgo popped over a Twitter DM to me today and asked if I could make it (it’s on the 25th and 26th of [...]

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