The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #25 - You Win Again

Fringe Chief Executive Kath Mainland, live from The Stage Awards for Acting Excellence

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #24 - So You Think You’re Funny?

Backstage with Lee Mack, Tim Vine and the contestants at the 2009 So You Think You’re Funny Final

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #23 - The Godfathers of the Fringe

Comedy masterclass with Arnold Brown, cliche lessons from The A-Team, History lessons from Bruce Fummey, and a music masterclass by The Bodega Brothers.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #22 - Take a Chance on the Fringe

Charlotte Hudson and Leila Hackett return, Ben Dover makes his clothed debut in the Capital, and the Tiger Lillies replace their guitar with a saw.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #21 - Behind Closed Doors

Chat with Mervyn Stutter, talking about PR with Mel Brown, and a baptism of fire with Tiffany Stephenson and Phil Nichol.

Looking at the Family Lifestyle Filofax Pack

Regular readers will know that I’m a big user of my Filofax, and while it’s great for day to day stuff and some basic GTD techniques, it really comes into its own with large events, such as SXSW or the Edinburgh Fringe (and subsequent podcast).
I tend to have half an eye on the Filofax website [...]

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #20 - It’s Raining Men

The man behind the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre, the University behind The Cubicle, The singers behind Woody Sez, and Topping and Butch are behind, well, everything!

Old Rope, Twitter Secrets and Doing Some Stand-up

Well I guess the cat is out the bag now (either that or my name is up on the chalk board outside the Gilded Balloon and people are putting two and two together and getting about four). Tonight I’ll be on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Old Rope Comedy show from [...]

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #19 - The Evil That Men Do

Memories of the Daily Mail from Bridget Christie, the troubles of growing up in The Contest, a comedy lesson from Rudi Lickwood and music from Ireland’s Dead Cat Bounce.

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2009 #18 - The Menagerie of the Fringe

Chat from Rob Rouse (and his dog Ronnie), Nun the Wiser, Camille O’Sullivan and Why Do All Catherines Call Themselves Kate?

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