The PSP Show #105: Gran Turismo PSP

It’s Oct 1st, so the PSP Go is here - expect a review in a show later in the month - and Gran Turismo finally arrives. But is it worth the wait? Maybe… Game review and the latest PSP news from Ewan Spence and The Podcast Network

Project Holodeck, Pyrotechnics and Presentations: Over the Air 2009

As I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend saw myself attend Over the Air, the two day mobile development conference with seminars, presentations and demonstrations from the leading handset manufacturers, software houses and networks; a great chance for myself to mix in person with the mobile community; and of course the hackathon – [...]

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Scottish £1 goes for record price
The £1 note sold for £9,000 ($US14,800) at the charity auction held by the Clydesdale Bank, beating the old record of £7,000 ($US11,500) set in 2001.
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Summing Up “Over The Air” in a single tweet

Lots of travelling tomorrow, which gives me time to edit some video together and write up a bit on the hack I has leading at Over The Air this weekend, namely Project Holodeck. But for now, just one thought from David Wood:
Project Holodeck by @ewanspence stunned the #ota09 audience into 7 minutes of Twitter silence [...]

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #150

Our decades ‘invite back’ show, with more music from Fighting with Wire, Bug Gilr, Lisa Redford, Heath Street, Chris Merritt and Hemmit.

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How does iPhone Sudoku Grab work?
I get the odd email from people asking how Sudoku Grab works. I've replied to quite a few individually, but I thought it would be much easier to just explain it on the blog. Also when I demo the app people are often amazed (and equally, some people are also [...]

The PSP Show #104: Dissidia - Final Fantasy

With a review of RPG/Fighting crossover smash Dissidia Final Fantasy, and the latest news from the world of the Sony PSP.

Over the Air and “something pretty spectacular” this weekend

This weekend sees the return of Over the Air – the two day “learn about cool mobile tools and then go hack something together and show us what you’ve got” event. While it’s not quite Mashed, the Baker Street Irregular 2.0 crowd is sure to be in attendance… and yes that does include me.
So [...]

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Dr Horrible on the Emmys
Neal Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion as Dr Horrible and Captain Hammer in a segment from the Emmy broadcast.
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No, no, no. Newspapers are not about news
The rest have long crossed over to a business model that had nothing to do with content and was all about selling [...]

The PSP Show #103: G.I. Joe, The Rise of Cobra

Yo Joe! Time to review the movie tie-in GI Joe game for the PSP, along with the latest news from the world of Sony’s Playstation.

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