I’ve Got Catan on a Mobile Again!

A very quick post as I travel back from London to point out the release of Settlers of Catan for the iPhone has been released. Your reaction is either ‘huh’ or ‘time to download!’ Mine was the latter.

I was a big fan of this title when it arrived on the original N-Gage, so to [...]

links for 2009-10-28

Poulsbo (GMA500) Support in Karmic (9.10)
Poulsbo (GMA500) Support in Karmic (9.10)
(tags: intel ubuntu linux GMA500)

An Open Letter to British Airways CEO Willie Walsh

Dear Willie Walsh,
There’s not one thing that I want to bring to your attention. There’s not been one massive single incident that I can point and say that’s the tipping point (although I’m about to point out two or three areas). But let’s be honest here… British Airways really is sliding down the pan.
I’m sure [...]

links for 2009-10-25

Electronci Filofax with PCB's
By Revolve-UK. I like!
(tags: filofax etsy pcb)

Paul Carr and Weezer, Loic Le Meur and Robert Scoble
If you’d told me back in 2001 – the last time I last saw Weezer live – that when I next saw them I’d be standing next to noted-non-rock-kids Scoble and Loic LeMeur (”is zis Weezer a [...]

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #153

With music from The hartes, nexus six, Maria Daines, Kirsten Dirable, Scotland Barr and the Slow Drags and One Fathom Down. Hosted by Ewan Spence.

But I Came Here For An Argument! Le Web’s Greatest Success

If Christmas is coming up, that can mean a few things, but one of them is that Geraldine Le Meur’s conference, Le Web, is just round the corner. It’s managed to make itself one of the tent-pole conferences in the Web 2.0 year which is not bad going seeing as it is as far away [...]

The PSP Show #107: IL-2 Sturmovik - Birds of Prey

MP3 File – Show Notes – RSS Feed – iTunes Link
Back from Las Vegas safely (and to a tiny package with 16GB of on board storage waiting for me – more on that next week), and lots to talk about, including the flying game that got me through one leg of [...]

links for 2009-10-23

Email X-COM resurrected
And yet, thanks to a piece of genius lateral thinking by an alert reader, World Of Stuart is proud beyond words to announce that Email X-COM has been saved.
(tags: email playbymail xcom)

Complete collection of Windows startup/shutdown sounds
Starting with the debut of Windows 3.1 in 1992, Microsoft added startup and shutdown sounds to its [...]

21st Century Music by the Seat of the Pants

Now that’s how it should work!
A few years ago at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I came across a group of American folk singers who were performing "Woody Sez," a biography of Woody Guthrie. They were back this year again - which I found it as they bounced up to me at the Underbelly Press Launch [...]

Sidestepping to my new Twitter home

The short blog post is if you are already following me on Twitter, then you don’t need to do anything.
The longer blog post is that after a long and valiant struggle (err, hanging around the internet till I used the irl.api and bumped into the right person at Las Vegas), my Twitter name is now [...]

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