The CrunchPad will be remembered as a signpost to new computing

And so the CrunchPad is placed by it’s spiritual father, Michael Arrington, into the Dead Pool. I doubt it’s the last we’ll see of the device, but it’s certainly the last we’ll see of it with the CrunchPad moniker. The legalese may be in motion but some warehouse is going to churn these out within [...]

Memories of the Greatest Ship in the Galaxy

Over the weekend at my parents for my Mum’s birthday and something I;ve been waiting to do for some time… get the big box of Lego down from the loft for my daughters to explore.
And yes I might have joined in a little bit.
Like many Lego fans of my age, there was only one Lego [...]

Music is the drug but will prohibition ever be over?

Spotted this as I bounced around the web this morning. It’s a section of an opinion piece for BBC News by John Taylor (kids, he was in Duran Duran) makes this observation.
I’m still buying copies of that first Roxy Music album, I’m almost embarrassed to say - import copies on premium vinyl, anniversary CD copies, [...]

The PSP Show #110: Kahoots, Vempire and Tetris Minis

A look at Vempire, Kahoots and Tetris - three of the new mini games from Sony’s PSN Store. Hosted by Ewan Spence.

Spike knew about MP’s Expenses all along

With the current news tap still flowing every week with another MP doing something that any regular member of the public would find distasteful (rules or not) I retreated to the safety of some very old episodes of The Goon Show.
Specifically an episode called The Jet Propelled Guided Naffi. And you know what? There [...]

Le Travelling Geeks

Yes Le Web is coming up (and the full program has now been published so you can sort who you want to see and when the best time is to nip out for a decent sized-lunch), but I’ll be doing a little something in Paris beforehand. The Travelling Geeks.
Organised by Renee Blodgett for the two [...]

links for 2009-11-22

Can Anything Replace Windows XP As the Best Netbook Operating System?
For the general population I'd say no!
(tags: windows netbook os distro)

Hello Kiev, This is the Internet calling - let’s vote for our Junior Eurovision 2009 favourite!

Just a bit of fun, you understand; as The Internet doesn’t have an entry in Junior Eurovision (JESC), we can’t have an official vote. So I’ve set this one up for people following the fun on Twitter to join in.
There’s no influence on the final vote, there’s no feedback to the main team here, [...]

The Watchers Guide to Junior Eurovision 2009

In case you haven’t noticed, this week has (partly) been building up to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (the rest of the time I’ve been building a pocket supercomputer the size of Jonathan Livingston Seagull … honestly). A quick recap on the week’s articles…

Introduction to Junior Eurovision.
What’s different about Junior Eurovision?
How to watch Junior Eurovision [...]

Does Google Chome OS redefine our computing needs?

So the dust settles on the details on Chrome OS and everyone can spend the next few months debating Google’s strategy.
Unlike other Bay Area companies, Google has been known to get it wrong, so just because they are doing something, it doesn’t meant that they will make a success of it. With Chrome OS they’re [...]

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