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As the bells approach…

…onward to 2010.

The Filofax Beauty Gift Pack

Just before Christmas the Filofax team let me have a look at their latest addition to their range – the Filofax Beauty Gift Pack.
Following on from their first adventures in ‘bundling’ with the Lifestyle Packs, I wondered if they would continue this line of thinking and create more appropriate bundles. The Beauty Gift pack is [...]

Practicing Survival Skills At Christmas

After all, if you get caught out in wintry conditions, how much use is the skill of making a Snowman beyond light entertainment? What everyone should really be practicing is their Igloo making skills.
As we’ve seen in the news reports in the last few weeks, the number of drivers getting stuck overnight in their cars [...]

Thoughts on Le Web 2009

Here’s the summary – Le Web 2009 was like a diamond, a few flaws but on the whole brilliant and sparkling and deserving of its place in the Conference Crown Jewels of tech land.
And now for a little more detail
Cards on the table, I think that the Le Web from 2007 is still the Le [...]

The TPN Rock / Accident Hash Christmas Switcheroo

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And now for something a little bit special. Just as I released this years TPN Rock Christmas Rocktacular, fellow podcaster  C. C. Chapman released his Holiday Special on Accident Hash. After listening to it (and spotting one or two tracks [...]

My second batch of Companies at Travelling Geeks

Following on from part one, this is the nest look back at the Travelling Geeks tour of Paris pre-Le Web. Here are some more companies that caught my eye and a few thoughts on how things should be in the real world.
One of the interesting things about companies that are pure internet plays (as [...]

The PSP Show #111: Grand Theft Auto - Chinatown Wars

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Just in time for the Christmas rush (and you never know, might be some more before the year is out) and it’s the return of the GTA franchise to the PSP, albeit via the Nintendo DS. But should that stop [...]

links for 2009-12-21

Red Beard's Revenge Pirate Ship Playhouse
There has to be a cheaper way!
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links for 2009-12-19

In the email era, who owns the interview
In fact, in the correspondence that followed, the journalist explicitly refused me permission to publish my own answers before changing her mind and saying I could — but without the accompanying questions she had supplied.
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The TPN Rock Christmas Rocktacular 2009

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I have been looking forward to this show for some time now. For the third year, it’s time for a holiday special from TPN Rock. Yes, here we go with the Christmas Rocktacular for 2009.
Christmas music is a strange time for podcasters [...]

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