He could write the Eurovision theme tune, sing the Eurovision theme tune…

This morning the BBC announced the man behind this year’s UK entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. Producing and writing the song will be… Pete Waterman.
Of course the inevitable Dennis “Little Britain” Waterman jokes appeared, and I hope that Pete is taking it all in his stride. I suspect that Pete, like Andrew Lloyd [...]

The PSP Show #113: F1 2009

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It’s the battle of the driving games, as this week’s review of F1 2009 from Codemasters is heavily influenced by my ongoing experience with Polyphonic Digitals’ Gran Turismo. Which will take pole position in the battle of the driving games?
Plus [...]

Getting yourself organised for SXSW 2010

So the broad strokes are now in place. This weekend I booked my flights to Austin and South by Southwest 2010 (and added a few days in San Francisco and The Valley – get in touch if you want to ‘do coffee’); the hotel room was reserved as I left Austin last year (forward planning, [...]

links for 2010-01-21

Pushing Military Styles to a New Level of Ferocity
At Tactical Corset, a multi-strapped and pocketed body cincher is offered unlined for between $300 and $500, and armored for $1,000.
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Conan Online

I’ve been watching the fun and games over The Tonight Show with a mixture of awe and incredulity. It shouldn’t be a surprise to regular readers that I have a huge amount of respect for Johnny Carson – in fact the single phrase I pushed as the “takeaway” from my “How to interview people” session [...]

My Secret To Grabbing Dormant Twitter names (like @Ewan)

Just been name-checked by The Next Web (Hi Zee and the rest of the gang!) in their article detailing the oncoming Twitter Goldrush as they release inactive usernames to be registered.
You see, Twitter are sitting on a lot of inactive names, and people want to grab the ones that are useful to them… especially if [...]

Proporta Gadget Bag reviewed on AAS

How do you carry all your toys when you’re going to a conference? Well for me the answer has, for a long time, been the Roadwarror Podzilla. But can Proporta’s Gadget Bag be the answer? I’ve had a look at it today over on All About Symbian:
The Gadget Bag is a good solution, and certainly [...]

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #156

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It’s the first show of 2010, and after all the upheaval of the festive shows (and helping out the celebrations of CC Chapman’s five year podcasting anniversary) it’s back to the unsigned, unknown and unforgettable sounds that TPN Rock uncovers week in [...]

The PSP Show #112: Little Big Planet

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The first podcast of the new decade, and I suspect many of you will already have experienced Little Big Planet – for those of you who haven’t, then today’s review might let you make your mind up if this is the title [...]

Who will buy news online? Lots of people!

So if 77% of readers won’t pay for news online… that means 23% will! Even with the rounding errors, it’s a good rule of thumb to say that 23% will pay somewhere in the media of the figure asked by the Harris Interactive poll, which would be $5/£3 a month.
Given that Rupert Murdoch is looking [...]

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