Lib Dem candidate calls “Two Horse Race” tenuous and regards national vote as more important than seats in a hung parliament.

Who plays Lib Dem Two Horse Race bingo?
Whenever you get a leaflet from the Liberal Democrats during the current UK General Election campaign, you can be guaranteed two things – a rather interesting bar graph, and the declaration that “It’s a two horse race” and “only the Lib Dems can win here. The first person [...]

links for 2010-04-29

Press Association: Election Declaration Times
These lists are mainly based on information obtained from councils. In the very few cases where data was not available we have used the expected 2005 election time details adjusted to take account of the overall longer counts this year.

Eurovision 2010 Podcast: Scoring, Voting and Douze Points

Scoring, Voting and Douze Points (MP3 5.6MB 5 minutes 57 seconds) DOWNLOAD the podcast by right clicking on this link, or press play and listen in your browser.

The short guides to the Eurovision Song Contest section of the podcast continues with a look at how the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final select the [...]

The Next Web meets Eurovision

Many years ago, Terry Wogan was forced to make the only official apology he ever made for a Eurovision commentary line. 2001, in Denmark, he referred to the hosts as “Dr Death and the Tooth Fairy.”
Fair play to him though, it was the most accurate observation he had made in years.
And when I saw the [...]

Eurovision 2010 Podcast: What the rulebook says about the songs

In our second short guide to the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, host Ewan Spence looks at the rules around the songs. What can you send, who can sing for you, and how old can it be?

Eurovision 2010 Podcast: An Introduction to Eurovision

The first Eurovision podcast for 2010, where I introduce Eurovision to those new to the contest.

Welcome to your window on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

In summary, if you are one of the few people who cannot stand Eurovision, then please remember normal service will resume at the end of May.
For everyone else, it’s almost May, and that means it’s time to gear up for coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest for 2010. Just like last year, I’ll be flying [...]

Where I’ve Been This Week

All About Symbian

Reviewing the Executive Wallet Case for the X6.
All About Symbian Insight #114, with the E5, C6 and Sports Tracker.
You don’t want to do that with your OS.
Review of UniWar, a cross platform hex based strategy game – it’s rather good.
Is there an alternative for Nokia Internet Radio on the [...]

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #161

MP3 Files - Show Notes - RSS Feed – iTunes Link
Strictly speaking there’s still a bundle of music from SXSW to get through, but there’s too much good music hitting my email box, while there’s no longer an “Austin retrospective” heading on these posts, there’s still a lot of influence from American’s [...]

Science fiction comedy quiz show podcast thing… The Thumbcast

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Iain Hepburn and Craig McGill have a rather popular podcast – it takes a nice niche topic (in this case the world of Cult TV and Film), throws in some passionate people (Iain and Craig) and then they see what happens.
And this month, their podcast [...]

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