TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #171

With Fated Nation, I Am Three, Shaun Wallis and the West Street Project, Welicoruss and Surrogate Sushi. Hosted by Ewan Spence.

Eurovision Album Review: Yours Sincerely, from the kookiest singer in Sweden

Anna Bergendahl made headlines by failing to qualify for the 2010 Final, but can she redeem herself with debut album Yours Sincerely? It’s a bit scattershot, but does her character hold it together? Not quite…

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If you do nothing else, watch Simon Wardley
I am equally cheered by the fact he says that anything that has become a commodity, dependable, predictable and effectively static is something that should be innovated against in the certain knowledge that invested incumbents will protect your endeavours. Given Simon’s research background I have every reason to [...]

The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Steve Daking, The Pool Guy

Recorded in 2006, an interview in the studio with Steve Daking, who brings along his own pool table (whcih was a bit of a squeeze) to talk about his “Pool Trick Shot” show.

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #170

With The Experiments, Jesta, I Fight Dragons, King Hell and Sincerely, Iris. Hosted by Ewan Spence.

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The Egg
I wrote this some time ago and posted it here. Later on, someone posted the entirety of the text to 4chan without my name, and then reddit posted an image of that page. Somewhere along the way the authorship got lost in the shuffle. So to be clear: Yes, I wrote this. No, it’s [...]

The Best of The Fringe Podcast: Ed Hamell on Trial

Recorded in 2007, an interview with American political comic Ed Hammell. it was a time before Obama, while the US was still in “The War on Terror”, and this is an interesting look back.

Where I’ve Been This Week

All About Symbian

Lets be cool… or what Nokia could do next.
Trivial Pursuit reviewed.
Is PR more important than the spec sheet.
Introducing the “Superphone”.
I’m on hosting duties for the All About Symbian Insight podcast (#126).
Orange Wednesday Qt application review.

The Daily Dust

Tesco’s Lasagne sandwich is a meal and a half (and again).
Drop7 returns to the iPhone (it’s very [...]

Who do you need to talk about the iPhone Antennagate? Me!

Because after Steve Jobs has made an emergency press conference to discover discuss the “there’s not a problem with the antenna, but people say these bumpers fix the antenna problem” you need to have someone cast a cold and dispassionate eye over the whole thing.
So who are BBC News gonna call?

Thanks to Leeky for [...]

TPN Rock: The Friday Rock Show #169

With The Law, Lost in Wonderland, Hot Fiction, Nil and The Goldstars. Hosted by Ewan Spence.

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