Answering the Top Ten Unanswerable Questions

Have to laugh at the latest wheeze from Ask Jeeves, as they promote their Questions and Answers service by providing media outlets (such as The Daily Dust) with ten questions that can’t be answered.
Err… Okay, here they are, and now, with answers.
What is the meaning of life?
42. Easy, next!
Is there a God?
Do blondes have more [...]

TPN Rock: The Rachael Sage Session

A TPN Rock Special Session with Rachael Sage introducing her latest release, Delancy Street. Hosted by Ewan Spence,

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How to pitch your company at…
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Over the Air, Iphone controlled flying drone with Video
OtA presentation video from Android BLoke
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Best in Show at Over the Air 2010! Parrot Drones, iPhone controlled racing cars and mad ideas at Over the Air 2010

Yesterday at the Over The Air hack-a-thon, I was part of the team that won both the Best Hack in Show and the Paypal X Challenge. This is the story of that hack…
Picture by Benjamin Ellis.
First up, a huge, huge thank you to the rest of my team at the Hack-a-thon from this weekend’s [...]

TPN Rock: The Edinburgh Fringe Rock Show #172

With Storm Large, Kerry Hodgkin, The Magnets, Tripod and Camille O’Sullivan. Hosted by Ewan Spence.

Sabre rattling won’t stop the Fringe

Now the Fringe is over, it’s time for everyone to take stock of what has happened in 2010, and how to change things in 2011. I’m doing the same with the podcast (mroe thoughts on that later) but for now I’ve taken a look at the big picture for my Fringe column at the Caledonian [...]

The Edinburgh Fringe Show 2010 #26 - Top Ten Moments at the Edinburgh Fringe

My top ten moments of the Edinburgh Fringe, including music from Tripod, Frisky and Mannish and The Noise Next Door. Introduced by Ewan Spence for The Stage and The Podcast Network.

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4×4×4 Parity Algorithms
For Rubik's Revenge speedcubing
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