The Friday Rock Show #181

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Back from a week covering the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (more about the contest here) it’s time for something with a bit of bite, aggression and the occasional lyric about death. Yes, it’s time to rock.
The Friday Rock Show #181
Lift Me [...]

Junior Eurovision 2010: Juke Box Jury recap the winners

The entire Junior Juke Box Jury team pitch in as we recap the top five songs from Minsk and the 2010 Junior Eurovision. How did the lie performances of Belarus, Georgia, Serbia, Russia and Armenia go down with the judges?

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Junior victory, more semi-finals, and some kilts

Azerbaijan start their National Final heats while the third round of the Ukrainian finals sees a familair Eurovision face. Armenia take the Junior Eurovision crown (more on that this Friday) and more names for the Swiss final come out.

Junior Eurovision 2010: Juke Box Jury #3

The Ukraine, Russia, Malta, FYR Macedona and last year’s winning song face Aaron and Georgia, this week’s Junior Juke Box Jury Judges. Hosted by Ewan Spence,

Rock Again - featuring Chris Daniel

Chris Daniel sings “Mixed up in Hollywood”, hosted by Ewan Spence.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Take That and Facebook look to Germany

Did we hear the UK entry on this week’s X-Factor? Did the Ukraine and Azerbaijani heats have their song for Europe? Are you ready for the delights of Junior Eurovision and could a Facebook Song really win it for Romania?

The Friday Rock Show #180

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It’s a decade show, so that means a glance back at the reaction from the last batch of shows to find the favourite artists since show #171 and bring them back for a second song!
The Friday Rock Show #180
The House of [...]

Junior Eurovision 2010: Juke Box Jury #2

More previews from next week’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as The Netherlands, Serbia, Moldova, Armenia and Belarus come under the judgemental eye of the kids from Duncan Place. Who will be the Hit, who will Miss, and who will walk away with a maybe?

Jools Holland for Eurovision? I think it could work.

The BBC’s track record in song selection and national finals has not been stellar in the last decade. Rather than rely momentum and dusting down last year’s plan, something radical needs to be done to guarantee the UK doesn’t embarrass themselves around Europe.

Eurovision Insight Podcast: Winning Web Jokers, Lena and Guy Chambers

Eurovision fans have started the weekly ritual of gathering around their web browser, searching for a live stream of the TV stations around the continent. As each country searches for their Song for Europe, we all want to watch the progress. For everyone else, here’s the recap.

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