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The Playstation Show #126: Fifa 2011

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

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Back after not only a winter hiatus (I blame rediscovering Monster Hunter Freedom Unite personally) but also the move to a new home (look around! It’s blue!). With the Xperia Play from Sony Eirocsson, the PlayStation Suite, and the NGP all on the horizon, there’s a little bit of rebranding as well, but the show doesn’t really change. If it’s portable and PlayStation, it’s in the podcast!

Is the incremental update to FIFA 11 enough for long time players, or just the perfect jumping on point? Ewan finds out, along with his thoughts on the Xperia Play. Let’s found out, in this week’s Playstation show.

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Room 404 now available in iTunes

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

In the haste to get the new podcast, Room 404, open in time for the B3ta Newsletter, the normal way of starting a new show didn’t actually happen – there was only one podcast available when people started to flood in, the next guests weren’t lined up, the format of the show was still in flux…

…and there was no listing for Room 404 in iTunes. Much as RSS feeds are readable by many devices and clients, I’ve continued to hear that “people will listen once it’s in iTunes.”

Well, it’s in iTunes now, what are you waiting for?

Room 404 on iTunes

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Room 404 Returns, this time with Ian Kendall

Friday, February 18th, 2011

So, three weeks ago B3ta posted a little item saying they’d like a podcast with geeks as guests, talking about old technology they want to come back. I picked up the baton and started Room 404, with Chris Dunphy as the first guest.

As that show went out, I got a text from Ian Kendall, who wanted to have a go himself. And so Room 404 got its second guest…

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Where Eurovision leads, Howard Stern follows

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

So Peter Kafka is amazed enough at Howard Stern live tweeting a commentary to a show on television that  he reckons this is the way forward for television? That Adam Bain at Twitter decided to prompt “every TV producer should be [taking] note of what Howard Stern is doing live with Private Parts and Twitter. He’s new but already broke ground.”

Hold on a minute.

As usual a brand new discovery to the American web and media is something that Europe has been doing for years. And I should know, because with my multiple years of providing Eurovision commentary via Twitter, I’m about five years ahead of Stern.

He [Spence] out-tweeted much of the official BBC correspondents by speed of updates and depth of information, winning rave reviews from followers. Several said they preferred the commentary of the renegade Eurovision tweet host to the banter of Graham Norton’s debut year as Eurovision host.

(Lisa Devaney, Digital Journal)

Still, it helps if you have a multi-million listenership to your breakfast show, as opposed to one of the leading Eurovision Song Contest podcasts…

links for 2011-02-13

Monday, February 14th, 2011
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Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Reboxing the Nokia C5-03. With Emu. And a Fez.

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Never say that All About Symbian isn’t at the cutting edge of technology. None of those cheap hit grabbing unboxing videos for us. No it’s a reboxing video! With a bit of help from a certain mischievous bird.

The written reviews (Parts #1 and #2) are also on All About Symbian.

B3ta and the curious tale of Room 404

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Starting with a quote from this week’s B3ta Newsletter (#465):

Room 404 is a podcast, where nerdy guests talk about four vintage gadgets they’d like to recover from the vaults of Room 404, plus one current techy thing they’d like to consign to oblivion. "To be honest grabbing some geeks on Skype and getting them to talk wistfully about old computers is pretty easy," confesses Ewan. Still, this is a rare instance of somebody making one of the things we ask for at the end of the newsletter, so massive kudos to him.

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Now, should I keep on going and do another one.

SXSW gets a new babysitter as 2011 event approaches

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

In six weeks time, South by Southwest 2011 will start, and as usual I’ll be there on the ground, but this year with a slight difference.

In previous years the daily podcast from Austin has been co-hosted on the SXSW Baby blog (, and this arrangement is going ahead in 2011 again – if you’re in Austin with a great story, get in touch to arrange an interview – but after Brad Graham’s sudden death last year, the Baby was left without a sitter. Those of us still there had our logins, but it turns out there were no other admins, super-admins, or alternative names with the hosting company.

[insert lots of frustrated noises here]

Something had to be done, and with the blessing of everyone still involved with the site, the goal was clear. To get back in, to get control, and keep the site (which was started back in 2000 ad has passed through many hands in that time) alive and thriving as it entered its second decade.

And that means that I’m the next “Dread Pirate Roberts” steering the good ship through the chaotic, fun, exhilarating world of SXSW for 2011.

So a big thank you to everyone who has helped in the past, who’s helping now, and who’s going to be using this valuable resource.

I’ll see you there!