The Playstation Show #129: Shift Extended

Engadget’s Experia Play review, Sackboy artwork for Japan, what is SNEA, and a review of Shift Extended.

Thoughts from SXSW: Scottish Television coverage

Now that the jetlag is under control (if not yet full banished) it’s time to look back on my time at South by Southwest 2011, some thoughts, and what happens next. First up though, a relatively slow pitch up the middle with links to my coverage of SXSW for STV.
Introduction to SXSW:

Music, Film and [...]

Testing the Nokia E7 in the real world

One of the fun things I get to do every year at SXSW (which is over for another year) is taking a new smartphone with me, and trying it out not on the desk of a reviewer with a microscope and a remit to explore every nook and cranny of the device, but in the [...]

Tell King of Shaves that they’d be perfect for Eurovision Insight!

Now I’m back from SXSW (more on that shortly) it’s time to look ahead to the next adventure. Which is the Eurovision Song Contest.
I’ll go into more depth on the planned coverage and work I’ll be doing at the contest in the near future – but if you’ve been following everything over at ESC Insight [...]

The SXSW Killer App will be “Is Scoble In This Room?”

Before I start, all my thanks to Tom Scott for this one. I came up with the original spark of an idea, and Tom picked up the gauntlet for the coding. Brickbats to me, bouquets to him, please!
Not to steal the thunder of companies like #Hashable, GroupMe or anyone else launching or debuting at South [...]

links for 2011-03-05

20 Tips for Surviving and Thriving SXSW Interactivege
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How to Jailbreak Your Life So You Can Live the Way You WANT …
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From 1700 bands to just 80. Download my pick of the SXSW Music 2011 line-up

South by Southwest starts in just over a week (for Interactive and Film) and two weeks (for Music), and the excitement is building. Over at SXSW Baby! I’ve just posted details of our “Sampler” collection of the showcase bands at SXSW.
With 1700 performers, it’s a tough call for anyone to listen to them all, so [...]