Harry Potter and the race for the eBook profits #

Ah, that explains the rationale behind Pottermore, the new website from JK Rowling. There’s lots of talk of social networks, a "safe and unique online reading experience"

Dig a little bit further, and you spot the more capitalistic reasoning. Pottermore will be the central (only?) site for buying your ebook copies of the Harry Potter novels – with the interesting news that Rowling retained the electronic rights to the books. Rather than go traditional and sell these to her publisher, she’s decide they’ll go online at the new site, in a single universal format (good luck with that) and with no DRM.

No mention made of the price of the books, but perhaps she should have a chat with Cory Doctorow about ebooks when he comes up to Edinburgh for the Book Festival? Or is she hoping to earn more than the $200 million she could have got from selling those digital rights to a traditional publishing house.

If we ever get a breakdown on the income and expenditure this could be very interesting game-changer.

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