Spotify is no friend of the independent musician #

Matthew Ebel:

If 10,000 people buy a track from iTunes, I can pay off my credit cards and keep making music. If 10,000 people listen to a track on Spotify, I earn $13 and change.

Spotify may have spent all their effort on the US launch to woo the big labels, but I’m more concerned about how much of an impact this will have on smaller bands and individuals. I doubt U2 would notice the impact of Spotify either way, but fifty album sales can have a noticeable effect on the indie musicians. Support good music, don’t just stream Spotify forever, go buy the album!

2 Responses to “Spotify is no friend of the independent musician”

  1. Gypsum Fantastic says:

    Spotify’s a bit more like radio play though. If your song gets played on some out of the way suburban local radio station and only 10,000 people hear it, how much money do the band get? A few 10s of $? $100?

    Whatever they get, it’s not the same as 10,000 people buying the record, is it.

  2. Ewan Spence says:

    Well on UK PRS rates, 10,000 internt plays gathers you £8.50, compared to radio. I think that even a Radio 1 play is barely £10, and smaller radio stations (eg community radio) are far less. Here’s the rub for me though. Let’s assume Spotify sells for £100,000,000 in the future. That’s on the back of all the music. You think the artists will get a cut? Certainly UK radio has a “percentage of income” clause so it’s at least proportional.