The two sides of the software patents discussion #

In the “For” camp, Michael Mace:

The underlying problem here isn’t about patents; it’s about the use (and abuse) of the legal system as a competitive tool… Are we obligated to change the patent laws just because Google and HTC were careless?  No.  Is it in the public interest for us to intervene anyway?  I doubt it… It’s hardly an important enough issue to justify stripping the patent protection from every small software company in the US.

In the “Against”, Mark Cuban:

Because of software and process patents any company could be sued for almost anything. It is impossible to know what the next patent to be issued will be and whether or not your company will be at complete risk. It is impossible to go through the entire catalog of patents issued over the last 10, 15, 20 years and determine which will be used to initiate a suit against your company… Eliminating software and process patents won’t end patent litigation, but it certainly will be a good first step. And while it may only be a step, it will be a positive step towards improving the economy and adding jobs.

In the middle, people who just want their phones to work , to make thing, and get stuff done.

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